Professional Decentralized Exchange for Cryptocurrencies

Transparent. Without fees. Unhackable. 24/7.

About Bit2Me DEX

Third generation trading has arrived

Bit2Me DEX is a professional, decentralized, no-fees trading platform for Ethereum ERC20 tokens. It offers advanced features, a great user interface, support for multiple cryptocurrencies and capacity for high liquidity. DEX provides the security that the crypto world desperately needed. Don’t only exchange, do trading!

No sign up or deposits! Exchange cryptocurrencies directly from your Ethereum wallet. Never lose control of your cryptocurrencies.

Say goodbye to the constant thefts in trading platforms.

List your token in Bit2Me DEX.


Trade Utility & Security tokens

With tens of thousands of Utility Tokens issued, Bit2Me DEX offers a secure and transparent exchange platform that helps create economies within each ecosystem. DEX gives you access to applications, or even allow you to make decisions about the evolution of a project.

DEX reshapes 300 years of the stock market. We make the markets much more optimal through decentralization, transparency and automation. All this to reduce costs and wasted time, protect users, ensure the integrity of information simplifying life to humanity.

Redefining the history

Trade without risks


Advanced funcionalities

No Fees

Cryptocurrency trading without fees.

No accounts

User acount is not need it, use it in 5 seconds!

Atomic Swap

Wallet to Wallet trading, without third parties.

Fiat plugin

Convert cash euros directly to Cryptocurrency with Tikebit.

Market & Limit

Don’t only exchange, trade with strategies!

Hardware wallets

Cold wallets like Ledger are supported.

Your keys

You never lose control of your cryptocurrencies.


Dynamic control interface with +50 advanced functions.

Technological jump

We are the third generation

1st Generation

Centralized platforms are not transparent. You can be scammed, robbed, ... You lose control completely. You can't get direct dividends, and do DAO votes.

2nd Generation

Your funds are in a Smart Contract that is transparent, but you lose blockchain features such as DAO voting, dividend benefits, airdrops, ...

3rd Generation

Real decentralization. You have real control of your funds all the time, they never leave your wallet. You can receive dividends and vote. The trade occurs in an atomic transaction.

And if you are a company...

Bit2Me helps you to fundraising with Blockchain

1. Digitalize!

Issue tokens to fundraise capital: stocks, debt, derivatives, hybrid products, ... Get cost reduction and automatic compliance with Blockchain.

3. Share!

Distribute a part of the company benefits to all the token holders, with a minimum cost of time and money, in an automated way with just one click.

4. Trade!

Exchange assets globally, in a safe, simple, fast and transparent way. Digital environment, without the notaries bureaucracy and costs.

Bit2Me offers you a 360-degree solution on Blockchain for digital assets.

Launch your Security Token with Bit2Me.


Why Bit2Me DEX is great

Transparent and Secure

In 2018, more than $ 1000 million dollars were stolen from the centralized Exchanges. Bit2Me DEX does not hold your funds, there is nothing to steal by criminals.


Bit2Me DEX comes in several languages for all to understand the platform. In addition to the different design themes that are applied to customize the visual appearance.

High Liquidity

We know how important liquidity is for the future of decentralized platforms. For this reason all market makers are welcome and we provide help and APIs.

Great experience

Great user interface, fantastic plugins and unique integrated tools to provide a professional experience with the best help response as fast as possible.

Quick help

Behind Bit2Me DEX there are people, let's talk! We are here to help you with any incident or doubt you may have. Also, we are open to listen to your opinions and recommendations.


Internet is better with APIs. We provide a powerful set of tools to interact with the public market data of Bit2Me DEX through HTTP or websocket. Perfect for self-trading.

Worldwide access

Possible Tokens


Market capitalization

$10.000 MM

Available countries


Potential users

+7.000 MM


Frequently Asked Questions

No. In DEX you do not need a user account or go through identity verification processes to exchange cryptocurrencies.

Why? Bit2Me never store, or touch, your cryptocurrencies. We never have your cryptocurrencies. Nor are they stored temporarily within a Smart Contract. Your cryptocurrencies are always in your wallet, and will be sent directly from your wallet to the destination wallet. This trade is P2P, without any intermediary and the trade occurs in a single transaction.

No. DEX works with an advanced protocol over the blockchain technology that allows the trade operation to occur between two parts (humans or machines) directly.

This means that you should never make a deposit of your cryptocurrencies within DEX. Never, nobody but you, must have your cryptocurrencies for a transaction to occur.

Only you have: your cryptocurrencies, the keys, the absolute control.

In your wallet. Never in a third party, or even in a smart contract. The cryptocurrencies never leave your wallet until the last moment they pass directly to the wallet of the counterparty with which you make the trade.

  • Your cryptocurrencies are yours, but at the same time they are virtually reflected in the Bit2Me DEX trading platform without you losing control.
  • The interaction with your purse generates a direct result in DEX.
  • Bit2Me DEX allows you to have the tokens interacting in parallel with as many smart contracts as you wish.
  • Bit2Me DEX allows a cryptocurrency to travel between two wallets, A and B, in a single atomic transaction, without going through any intermediate point and without additional cost.

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