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What Bit2Me does?

We love Bitcoin. Thats why we have made huge efforts creating some of the most simple processes that currently exist to access to this technology. We have had to innovate as no service has ever done before.

Bit2Me offers two functionalities:

On one hand allows the possibility of, using traditional ATMs, take your FIAT money out of selling your bitcoins to Bit2Me. Happening in a matter of seconds and without being customer from any specific bank, holding a credit card or paying any fee in the ATM. All you need is just two codes that we deliver to you in the moment of selling, once you have them, you can go and withdraw your money in any of the 10K ATMs in Spain of different banks such as Bankinter, EVO Bank, Banco Popular, CAjamar, Abanca, CAja Laboral or ING Direct. In simpler words, we have made possible that you sell your bitcoins and withdraw euro on a ATM close to you, we have created the biggest selling-bitcoin-points-network in the world. This unique phenomenon has been echoed by hundreds of media in the world. Start converting your bitcoin to euro right now.

On the other hand, with Bit2Me, you can buy bitcoins from your home. All you need to do is use our website and purchase the bitcoins using different methods. Very simple and efficient, just several clicks are required to finish the operation.

Basically, Bit2Me eases the paths to buy and sell bitcoins, connecting infrastructures that already exist so anyone, without complex processes and in a matter of seconds, can access to this wonderful technology.

We're currently working to append new services and to extend current services to new countries. Keep an eye to our news and social networks!

If you have any doubt, please visit our FAQ section.

Buying and selling bitcoins was never that easy.

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