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At Bit2Me Academy we create the career professions of the future.

Go to dictionary

Go to dictionary

Más de 300 términos que no deben faltar en tu conocimiento.


We adapt to your needs

Learn at your own pace

Learn at your own pace

Hundreds of articles that will help you understand how the cryptocurrency revolution and blockchain technology works without the need for prior knowledge.

Bitcoin is not just technology. It is a set of aspects that are shaking the control of money to make people freer.

Understand this revolution as if you had started it yourself and be part of it!

Enjoy free and quality content

Free quality content

All content is ordered and valued by users. As a result, we are ranked first on Google for almost any search you do on the Blockchain ecosystem.

At Bit2Me we are pioneers in this industry, our knowledge has made us one of the leading companies in the sector worldwide, and everything we learn we make available to you. We do not speak without creating, we create and then we speak.

We hire our best students

We hire our top students

We create quarry with the aim of hiring the best. We are training the professionals of the races of the future. Bit2Me Academy is a hub where new professionals and companies interested in these professionals converge.

Careers like "Blockchain Data Science" or "Blockchain Legal" are careers that do not officially exist but are being created by us.

The Cryptodictionary is born

Among all the content we have isolated and ordered the terms to create an incredible and unique crypto-dictionary.

In the Cryptodictionary you will find a short and concise definition for all the relevant terms you should know.

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Knowledge is a rumor until it is experienced. We speak from our own experience.

Blockchain in-depth

Blockchain in-depth



Cryptocurrency Trading

Cryptocurrency Trading

Origin and History

Origin and History

Key People

Key People

Smart contracts

Smart contracts

Legal and Regulations

Legal and Regulations

Security and cryptography

Security and cryptography

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Leif Ferreira

Our mission at Bit2Me Academy

"Bit2Me Academy was born from the Bit2Me team to create free and high quality content. We want cryptocurrencies to be understood correctly, avoiding cheating, and that they reach every inhabitant of this planet regardless of their economic resources.

At Bit2Me Academy we expose all our knowledge in a simple way. We simplify the most abstract and complex concepts so that you can understand Blockchain technology from start to finish, without the need for prior knowledge.

All content is digitized and offered in an orderly manner on our online platform, so you can learn at your own pace, without schedules and repeating the lessons as many times as you need. No deadlines. No hurries.

Always remember: before investing money in cryptocurrencies, invest time in your knowledge, the ROI will be exponential."

- Leif Ferreira, CEO & President of Bit2Me Academy Signature


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Are you a company, or some type of institution, and want to receive courses in Bitcoin, Smartcontracts and other aspects of Blockchain technology? Bit2Me makes it easy for you. We put at your disposal our knowledge and experts, as well as consulting services that allow you a digital transformation.

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