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Début: 09/03/2023

Clôture: 10/03/2023


$GFAL is the native cryptocurrency and utility token of Games for a Living (GFAL), a company with a vision to drive the mass adoption and evolution of Web3 games by developing a Layer 1 Blockchain aimed at developers and the creation of blockchain video games that showcase the true potential of this technology.
The GFAL team, led by Manel Sort (CEO), former Vice President and General Manager at King Studio, and Emmy-nominated Javier Leon (Art Director), along with Christian Gascons and Marc Tormo (both former Blizzard Entertainment employees), has a combined experience of 100 years creating and driving startups and video game companies.

About the GFAL Team
Manel Sort, CEO, has over 20 years of experience in the video game industry as a developer and producer, head of studios, and CEO of companies in the sector. He has helped develop and launch more than 60 games on all major gaming platforms (PC, Xbox, PS2, mobile), generating over $1 billion in EBITDA (Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation, and Amortization).
Javier Leon, Art Director, has 26 years of experience as a specialist in art direction and special effects in video games in Europe and the United States. He has been nominated for an Emmy Award for the credits of the Netflix series The Crown and is one of the Best International Digital Artists, according to Lürzer's Archive.
Christian Gascons, COO, and Marc Tormo, Game Director, both former Blizzard Entertainment employees, have extensive experience in video game development in large companies and entrepreneurial projects.
Carlos Blanco and Ernest Sanchez, co-founders of Nuclio Venture Builder, are thought leaders in the Spanish Internet sector and have extensive experience investing in Internet entrepreneurs and technology startups.
The project has received investments from leading venture capital funds in Spain, such as Inveready and Bonsai Partners.

What Is the Value Proposition?
The current Web3 video game industry faces several difficulties, mainly due to the lack of technological infrastructure to develop high-quality projects and games by teams with proven industry experience that prioritize a first-class user experience.
GFAL Network is the technological infrastructure for game developers that includes, among others, the following features:
● GFAL Chain: the first Layer 1 blockchain focused on gaming, developed by a Spanish team.
● Web3 Game Tools: a set of tools for video game development.
● Web3 Marketplace: a space for buying and selling assets and currencies of all games developed or implemented on the platform.
GFAL also develops AAA-quality blockchain video games, leveraging blockchain technology and sustainable play-to-earn models.
The company has recently launched Elemental Raiders, a turn-based game that seeks to offer players a competitive and high-quality experience where all the revenue generated gets redistributed among players. Elemental Raiders is now available on Steam.

Nom : Games For A Living
Fondation : 2021
Marché : International
Secteur : Gaming

Avantages du token


$GFAL is used as a currency of use in all games developed with the GFAL Chain. $GFAL usage in games includes purchasing in-game assets and battle passes, minting and upgrading NFTs, making transactions in the Marketplace and accessing events, tournaments and exclusive collections.


$GFAL is used to pay for services and tools on the GFAL Network, which includes the toolset to be able to implement blockchain technology and in-game token economies.


Users holding $GFAL will be able to vote on games and features that GFAL will offer in the future, such as themes in battle passes, collaborations with brands and other projects.

Approvisionnement, distribution et gestion des tokens

Informations sur le token


  • Foundation: 15
  • Public: 2
  • Reserve: 10
  • Liquidity: 10
  • Marketing: 7.5
  • Developer Incentives: 5
  • Advisory: 2
  • Team: 18
  • In-Game & Tournaments: 15
  • Pre-Sale: 1.25
  • KOL: 0.5

Information sur le token

  • Prénom: Games For A Living
  • Symbole: GFAL
  • Blockchain: Binance Smart Chain (BEP20)
  • Max. approvisionnements: 10,000 M
Games For A Living

Games For A Living token vesting

  • Foundation
  • Public
  • Reserve
  • Liquidity
  • Marketing
  • Developer Incentives
  • Advisory
  • Team
  • In-Game & Tournaments
  • Pre-Sale
  • KOL

Options d'achat

C'est toi qui choisis
  Option 1 (Phase 1)
Actifs Games For A Living (BNB)
Prix du Token 0,0038€
Date de début 09 Mars 2023
Nombre de Tokens à émettre 50.000.000
Limite d'achat
Min 100,00€ - Max 5.000,00€
Pourcentage sur l'émission totale 0.50%
Vesting 3 mois après la fin du lock-up, les GFAL seront libérés à raison de 1/3 chaque mois pendant 3 mois.

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