LAOS Network

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Início: 11/07/2024

Encerramento: 15/07/2024


LAOS is the first Layer 1 blockchain that connects with Ethereum, Polygon, their Layer 2s, and any other EVM-compatible chains, without bridges.

LAOS has the potential to become the protocol used by major blockchains to offload more than 20% of all their transactions. Among other features, it allows the creation and evolution of millions of assets on these chains without paying gas fees with the native token of those chains or congesting them.

Tokens created with LAOS enhance Layer-2 solutions by remaining on the original chain, without requiring users to acquire other cryptocurrencies or rely on insecure bridges.
LAOS also offers the possibility of dynamic asset evolution, allowing them to adapt and change according to the application's needs.

All of this can be achieved without the need for bridges, maintaining full compatibility with existing DApps within their own ecosystems.

Why Should You Be Interested in the LAOS Network?

Pioneers in digital asset creation: LAOS Network positions itself as a Layer 1 capable of creating digital assets across all blockchains, enabling numerous use cases. It is the ideal project for those passionate about tokenization.

Utility and Participation: LAOS Network tokens have use cases within the ecosystem, unlocking the ability to participate in governance and network security. It's an excellent option for those interested in participating in the platform's development.

Growth Potential: LAOS Network's vision to scale horizontally through specialized sharding allows for use cases impossible in other ecosystems, such as large-scale tokenization of real-world assets or mainstream video games.

The LAOS Token

LAOS is a utility token with three main use cases. The first is the creation of millions of assets on the most established blockchains, also allowing their evolution in a decentralized manner.
Additionally, users with LAOS tokens can stake them, earning rewards while contributing to the security and operation of the network.

LAOS tokens serve as voting power in the platform's governance, enabling holders to participate in decision-making about the platform's future.

Who is the LAOS Network Team?

Freeverse, the team developing LAOS, includes winners of Technological Oscars and creators of startups whose products have reached a billion people worldwide.

Additionally, they have extensive experience in blockchain, having developed a Layer 2 focused on digital assets, used by clients such as Cupra, Hyperreal, Mediapro, Atresmedia, among other brands and video games.

Nome: LAOS Network
Fundação: 2023
Mercado: Cryptocurrencies
Setor: Blockchain

Vantagens do token


In the future (when the network is proven to be stable) the LAOS token will serve for decentralized governance, offering voting power in decisions about the future of the blockchain.


Users can block LAOS tokens to become validators and will receive more tokens as a reward for adding new valid blocks to the network. Holders can also delegate their tokens to validation nodes to receive rewards and gain voting rights in network governance.


LAOS is used to execute transactions, i.e. to mine bridgeless tokens on any compatible blockchain, paying the corresponding gas fees. In the future, it will also be used to operate on the Relay Chain and Evolution Chains.

Fornecimento, distribuição e gestão de tokens

Dados do token


  • Core Team Allocated: 16.05
  • New Investors: 8
  • Early Backers: 12
  • Treasury: 20
  • Initial Public Sale: 3
  • Collator & Delegator Rewards: 15
  • Community Incentives: 19
  • Crowd Loan Rewards: 1
  • Core Team Unallocated: 5.95

Informação do token

  • Nome: LAOS Network
  • Símbolo: LAOS
  • Blockchain: LAOS Network (EVM)
  • Máx. fornecimento: 4 M
LAOS Network

LAOS Network token vesting

  • Core Team Allocated
  • New Investors
  • Early Backers
  • Treasury
  • Initial Public Sale
  • Collator & Delegator Rewards
  • Community Incentives
  • Crowd Loan Rewards
  • Core Team Unallocated

Opções de compra

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  Opção 1 (Fase 1)
Ativos LAOS Network (LAOS)
Preço do Token 0,075€
Data de início 11 Julho 2024
Número de Tokens a emitir 4.000.000
Limite de compra
Min 100,00€ - Máx 5.000,00€
Percentagem sobre a emissão total 100.00%
Vesting 12 meses desde o fim do lock-up, os LAOS serão libertados à razão de 1/12 ao mês durante 12 meses.

Falando sobre o token LAOS


As pessoas por trás do projeto

A equipa

Dr. Alun




Dr. Toni



Head of Engineering

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