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What Is LimeWire?

LimeWire Is the First Web3 Subscription Platform for Artists, Brands and Creators

Today, LimeWire is a platform that uses blockchain technology and NFTs to offer its subscribers the ability to own and trade exclusive content.

This way, subscribers can participate in communities and own content generated by their favorite artists, monetizing fan engagement.

The new LimeWire aims to help content creators earn recurring revenue for their content while giving fans access to a private community, exclusive content, and the ability to interact directly with their favorite artists.

Who Is Part of the LimeWire Founding Team?

Paul and Julian Zehetmayr are leading entrepreneurs (co-CEOs) who hve successfully launched and sold several technology companies, such as Eversign, APILayer, and invoicely.

Marcus Feistl is the Chief Operating Officer (COO) and has extensive experience in Tier 1 consulting firms (Boston Consulting Group) and leading crypto companies (Bitpanda).

LimeWire also has a team of top-notch mentors, such as:

Tareef Michael (Manager of the Wu-Tang Clan)

Yann Pissenem (Founder and CEO of Ushuaïa Ibiza)

Jeanine McLean (Manager of H.E.R. and former manager of Alicia Keys)

George Howard (former CEO of Algorand)

Key Milestones to Date

Private sale of €10 million, in which companies such as Kraken Ventures, GSR, and have invested in the project.
Strategic partnership with Algorand and Universal Music Group.

Closing deals with artists with more than 150 million followers combined.

Debut of the LimeWire main stage at Decentraland Metaverse Music Festival.

First launch of LimeWire Originals, with exclusive events in Ibiza and New York (sold out for hundreds of thousands of dollars).

The platform allows them to distribute premium video, audio, photo, and text-based content to subscribers. Subscriptions can be paid monthly or annually (with fiat money or tokens) but can also be accessed through NFTs or by holding tokens.

● LimeWire is a Web2.5 platform; combining the best of Web2 and Web3. Developed on technologies such as Algorand, Fireblocks, or Tatum, LimeWire is a multi-chain platform that allows using native NFTs from Algorand, Ethereum, and Polygon.

Nazwa: LimeWire
Fundacja: 2022
Rynek: web3
Sektor: music, technology

Zalety tokena


LimeWire allows subscribers to own the content while making a profit through Pay-Per-View options for non-subscribed users.


LimeWire offers an easy-to-use 360 platform, bringing together the best of Web2 and Web3, where creators can manage their community and store their content securely without relinquishing control while allowing users to choose.

Brand Awareness

The positioning of LimeWire, a leading brand in the music download sector in the 2000s, has allowed the company to close strategic deals with industry leaders despite only being in operation for a year.

Dostawa, dystrybucja i zarządzanie tokenami

Dane z tokena


  • Team: 18
  • Advisor: 4
  • Liquidity: 5
  • Strategic Round: 8
  • Private Sale: 12
  • Public Sale: 10
  • LimeWire Ecosystem Fund: 43

Informacje o tokenach

  • Nazwa: LimeWire
  • Symbol: LMWR
  • Blockchain: Ethereum (ERC20)
  • Maks. dostawy: 1,000 M

LimeWire token vesting

  • Team
  • Advisor
  • Liquidity
  • Strategic Round
  • Private Sale
  • Public Sale
  • LimeWire Ecosystem Fund

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Data rozpoczęcia 11 Maj 2023 13 Maj 2023
Liczba tokenów, które mają zostać wyemitowane 1.460.666 1.166.666
Limit zakupu
Min 100,00€ - Max 5.000,00€
Min 100,00€ - Max 5.000,00€
Procentowy udział w emisji ogółem 0.15% 0.12%
Nabywanie uprawnień po upływie 6 miesiące od zakończenia blokady, LMWR zostanie zwolniony w tempie 1/6 na miesiąc przez 6 miesiące. po upływie 1 dzień od zakończenia blokady, LMWR zostanie zwolniony w tempie 1/1 na dzień przez 1 dzień.

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