Bit2Me API

All Bit2Me functionalities in a single API

Offer your users direct access to the crypto ecosystem, quickly, easily and securely, with the Bit2Me guarantee.

From developers for developers

Ready to use

Access the functionalities offered by Bit2Me through the RESTful JSON and Websocket APIs.

At Bit2Me we use our own API for the service we offer to more than 1 million people.

We are now opening it to the public so that you can build with it.

Official SDKs (coming soon)

Postman library and collections ready to be used together with your favourite programming language.

Low latency

Since 2014 together with a strong team of cryptocurrency specialists working to provide 100ms average response time.

99.9% API uptime

Highly available multi-region infrastructure with protections and horizontal scalability.

Libraries and SDKs (coming soon)

Full access to crypto infrastructure


Main modules ready to integrate


Secure storage of cryptocurrencies


Earn returns by holding your cryptocurrencies on Earn


Buy - Sell - Exchange and much more


Cryptocurrency payment gateway for businesses


Low-cost, agile cryptocurrency trading

Market Data

Real-time market data with multiple chart views


Instant and free global transfers


Creates and manages NFTs on different blockchains

Build in 3 steps



Create your API Key

Log in to your user account, and generate a free API Key to interact with Bit2Me programmatically.


Develop the code

Develop the code in the programming language of your choice. Remember that there are SDKs and libraries ready to use.


Launch into production

Put your code to work and interact with the real world through all the services and options offered by Bit2Me.

With the security and confidence of Bit2Me


Bit2Me is one of the strictest cryptocurrency trading platforms in terms of legal compliance:

First exchange to be recognised by the Bank of Spain

Enhanced fraud detection and prevention systems

Compliance with the Payment Services Directive (PSD2)

Frequently asked questions

We help you

Go to the following link:

Creating an account and getting the Bit2Me API key are completely free of charge.

Yes, the documentation identifies which endpoints are public (no API Key needed) and which are private.

Yes, you can open a support ticket at by selecting the API concept and the technical team will assist you.

We have two types of API: RESTful and Websocket. Both have general limits, and specific limits depending on the endpoint. You can consult the limits in detail in the documentation.

Yes, as long as you meet the legal requirements to be able to do it on your own, which we will ask you to meet during the onboarding process.

Yes, we offer a full service registration process so you don't have to worry about all the paperwork involved.

We do not have a test environment. However, we allow you to make very low-cost operations (from cents) and you can experiment as much as you want without losing money. We also have support for Bitcoin Testnet in order to test cryptocurrency deposits and withdrawals.