Space Center
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Multiply all your benefits by leveling up in Space Center

Only available on App

  • Access to trading bonuses
  • Get more for your coins on Earn
  • Cashback when paying with Card
  • ...And much more!

What is Space Center and how does it work?

How it works

Space Center is Bit2Me's gamified loyalty program, with which you can get benefits and upgrades on all Bit2Me products. Our $B2M token will help you multiply your Space Center benefits quickly.

Fulfils Missions

Complete the challenges we give you to earn points - there are always missions available!

Earn points

Each completed mission will give you points, the sum of which will level you up by reaching the objective

Level up

Scale up to 7 levels of perks by completing challenges, and you can enjoy perks from another planet. Enjoy the ride!

Make a profit

You will enjoy exclusive per-level benefits such as bonuses and higher APY on Earn, among many others

Benefits per level

Advantages per level

100% bonus on all your transactions

Buy and sell with a bonus.

  • 100% in Bit2Me Wallet
  • 50% in Bit2Me Pro

7% cashback on BCard payments

Receive $B2M cashback on all your purchases.

Get up to 28.8% more out of your cryptos with Earn

Add more APY to your coins in Earn.

Probability of 100% access to Launchpad

Participate in exclusive launches of new currencies on Launchpad.

Level Calculator


Select the following parameters and calculate your level based on your actions. Discover the path to the level up that best suits you

200 points
200 points
100 points
200 points
0 / 0 points
0 / 0 points
0 / 0 points
0 / 0 points
0 projects / 0 points
0 / 0 points
0 days / 0 points
0 points Level 0
Level 0
Level 1
0 points
0 points
1000 points

Summary of benefits

  • 0% discount on purchase, sale, and exchange fees
  • 0% extra APY on Bit2Me Earn
  • 0% cashback on Bit2Me Card
  • 0% likelihood of access to new Bit2Me Launchpad projects
Level up 100 times easier
Do you need the benefits of level 7 to save on commissions? Then level up without waiting on the fast track. Buy $B2M
Up to 28.8% of additional APY in Earn
Your cryptocurrencies will keep growing with Earn and $B2M
Up to 30% cashback on Card
Receive cashback every time you use the Bit2Me Card, plus extra cashback from promoted merchants.

Frequently asked questions

We help you

Some missions have a validity period from the moment you complete the mission.

Continue to complete missions to earn points and keep postponing the validity period.

At the time of launch Space Center will only be available from the Bit2Me app.

In the coming months it will be available via the web Wallet.

When you first enter Space Center, you may have already earned points and thus completed missions. This happens by completing missions such as buying $B2M, verifying your account or verifying your card.

Remember that you can check all your completed missions and how to complete new ones from the top menu of Space Center.

Although the amount of € in $B2M to be acquired and maintained varies depending on the other missions you fulfil in Space Center, if we did not take into account these other missions, the amounts of € in $B2M to be acquired through Brokerage are as follows:

  • Level 1 -> 20€
  • Level 2 -> 2.500€
  • Level 3 -> 4.750€
  • Level 4 -> 9.000€
  • Level 5 -> 17.000€
  • Level 6 -> 32.000€
  • Level 7 -> It is currently not possible to reach this level with the acquisition of $B2M alone, other missions are necessary to achieve this level.