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Use your cryptocurrencies as collateral to get loans up to 1 million euros. Get cash by holding your cryptocurrencies with urgent approval.

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Order your EURT loan and exchange it to euros at no cost! Exchange EURT for euros without commissions and receive them in your bank in an express way.
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Why Bit2Me Loan?

Get up to 1 million without having to give up your cryptocurrencies, using them as collateral with the security of a European registered exchange.

Immediate approval

Configure your loan according to your needs and receive the funds urgently.

Choose the warranty

There are several cryptocurrencies available for you to pledge as collateral.


Tailor the annual interest rate and percentage of funds available for collateral to your needs.

Optimize your taxes

Obtain liquidity for your cryptocurrencies without having to sell them and pay taxes on the sale.

With the best support

Our support team will always be at your side during the process.

Frequently Asked Questions

We help you

By means of lending a person or a company can obtain a loan in cryptocurrencies by putting as collateral the digital assets it already owns.

At Bit2Me we are committed to the excellence of the operations we carry out with Bit2Me Loan and therefore we work through specific contracts in which each of the operations carried out will be determined individually.

To access Bit2Me Loan you just have to contact our team and make an appointment to analyze each case in detail.

Users will receive their loan proceeds in the EURT, USDT or USDC stablecoin

At the moment, Bit2Me Loan accepts Bitcoin and Ethereum as collateral with an LTV of 50%, and B2M with an LTV of 20%.

If you deliver 1 BTC the amount requested can be up to 50% of the value of BTC.

Yes, in no case you lose the ownership of the cryptocurrencies. Except for the exception of the settlement of the transaction. The settlement of a transaction or the 'LTV price execution' will be set by default at 85% on the principal value. That is, when the ratio of principal to collateral reaches 85% (principal value 85 on a collateral value of 100). Or, in other words, when the collateral reaches the point of representing 117.65% over the value of the principal loaned.

Settlement will be associated with a settlement fee (derived from the management and sale of the collateral at the current market price): 2% of the outstanding principal with a minimum of €100 in the equivalent value of the crypto deposited as collateral

Loan to value (LTV) is the ratio between the value of the loan amount and the value of the collateral, expressed as a percentage. Ex: a loan of $5,000 leaving as collateral an amount of cryptocurrencies worth $10,000 results in an LTV of 50% ($5,000/10,000).

The periods may vary depending on the operation and the purpose of the operation. The minimum is set at 14 days, but other periods of 30, 90, 180 days or longer can also be selected.

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