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Action Hour User Quantity Benefit
Action Hour User Quantity Benefit

Only registered users!

Invite other users to use Bit2Me and we will give you 1% of the total buy/sell operations performed by them in Bit2Me!

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Invite other users to use Bit2Me and we will give you 1% of the total buy/sell operations performed by them in Bit2Me!

This panel will allow you to know your balance anywhere anytime.

You will know how many users you have catched, and also their operations in Bit2Me.

For every buy and sell operation performed by your referred in Bit2Me, you will get 1% of the operation's total value (excluding fees from selected payment method if any).

When you wish, and if you have exceeded €10 in benefits. You could request your benefits. Our team will check your request and when accepted, we will send you the requested amount in Bitcoin.

You can also share the link to a concrete section. To achieve this, just add your id after "&r=" (in example &r=[your id]) at the very end of the link you want to share. In example, this link will lead directly to selling bitcoin section in English:[your id]

When will my benefits arrive?

When you request your benefits, our team will check and process it in the following 24h.

Can I cancel the request?

Yes. If you have provided a wrong Bitcoin address, or for any other reason that you could notice after placing your request, you will have the chance to cancel it as long as it has not been reviewed yet by our team. If you want to cancel your request, go to History table and you will find a "Cancel" button at the end of the proper line.

Do you provide branding and marketing kits for the promotion?

We're currently creating banners and signs for forums and some images that you will be able to use to complement your catchment campaigns. In the meanwhile, if you want to create your own, you can follow the guidelines that we have in Corporate image

How do Bit2Me calculate how many Bitcoins has to give in exchange of my benefits?

Bit2Me uses the official buying price of Bit2Me to calculate the amount of Bitcoins that we will send you.

Who pays miners fees?

For the moment we will take care of that expense for you. This could change at any moment. In that case, the miner fee will be discounted from the total amount to send. This amount may vary according to network status, right now is 0.0005BTC.

What are the 'Dont's' for users catchment?

- Don't lie about service and conditions offered by Bit2Me.

- Don't say you're part of or supported by Bit2Me by copying website, using its name or any other method that could make users think that you are a official member of Bit2Me.

Bit2Me will take the appropiate measures if this conditions are unfulfilled.

This conditions may change eventually.

Remember we're on your disposal to answer any question you may have.


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Provide your Bitcoin wallet address where to receive your benefits. Double check is a valid address.

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