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Who we are

Bit2Me is a company founded in 2014, specialized in financial technology. With a deep knowledge of Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. We help individuals, exchanges, mining pools, token issuers, investment funds, governments and institutions to access, trade and manage cryptocurrencies and digital assets optimally.

Being the gateway to frictionless markets, making the traditional financial system obsolete, the company is made up of more than 30 people: idealists, technological entrepreneurs, researchers, quantitative traders, financiers, lawyers and engineers from large companies.

We operate relentlessly around all time phases and around the world, with headquarters in Spain, Europe.

DeFi Ecosystem

Bit2Me was created with the vision that transparency and open financial systems make markets more efficient. We support multiple initiatives in the DeFi ecosystem: interacting with protocols, providing liquidity, and participating in networks spanning decentralized lending, margin trading, and other financial applications. 100% of our systems are developed internally by us and we consider ourselves both a technology company and a commercial company; creating products, processes and tools to change the world, with the goal of enabling markets that are frictionless, transparent and fair.

Provide financial freedom so that people can save, send and receive money without complications. Even in countries where disposing of what one has earned through work is difficult.

At Bit2Me we have a vision: A planet where the human being is freer.

Optimism, honesty, closeness, transparency, perseverance, freedom, fidelity, effort and rebellion.

Closeness, transparency, perseverance

Making a difference

Our main value is the creation of strong human relationships with our clients; helping them buy and sell cryptocurrency-based products, manage risk and access to liquidity. We are located at the center of global cryptocurrency markets, with innovative solutions and products that uniquely combine: technology, tools and signals that allow us to excel and differentiate ourselves in a changing market. We commit our team, capital and infrastructure to help you grow.

Meet part of the team

Who makes Bit2Me possible

Zeeshan Feroz

Growth Advisor

Ex CEO Coinbase Europe, Advisor BCB Group & Moonpay

Baldomero Falcones

Payments Advisor

Ex CEO of MasterCard International, CEO FCC, Managing Director of Banco Santander.

Raúl Oliveira


Ex Kraken Europe Manager

Rodolfo Carpintier

Venture Partner

Serial entrepreneur, investing since 1982. Investor in Tuenti.

Leif Ferreira

Andrei Manuel

Pablo Casadio

Javier Pastor

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A team of more than 150 people

Bit2Me has a constant Startup spirit, with monthly afterwork and Pizza Day on Fridays. Time flexibility, teleworking and intensive working hours in summer, private health insurance, career plan, training hours credit, availability of days to attend conferences and much more..

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An unstoppable revolution

Passionate, with a heart

We firmly believe that cryptocurrencies are the best, and most relevant, that has happened to the internet since its inception.

Cryptocurrencies, and the technology that underlies them, walk with firm steps and without turning back towards a complete change in the concept of money and financial services as we understand them today.

At Bit2Me we want to be part of that change, that's why we work tirelessly to create solutions that help democratize the use of cryptocurrencies, resulting in products that are used by millions of people.

Have the best team by your side

Trust the best

Mentions and collaborations on TV, radio and press

Hundreds of mentions on TV, radio, press and great Youtubers: NBC, TVE, Cuatro, Cadena SER, Intereconomía, Expansión, El Mundo, El País, Xataka, La Vanguardia, Eldiario.es, etc.

Hundreds of millions of euros in transactions

Since 2014, Bit2Me has assisted clients in managing hundreds of millions of euros, with a current valuation of the price of the cryptocurrency that already exceeds 2,000 million euros.

Revolutionizing the market since 2014

Bit2Me has been present on the international scene since 2014, being one of the first platforms in the world to offer advanced financial services based on cryptocurrencies.

Transparency at all levels

The company, with a registered trademark and Spanish partners, has its headquarters in Alicante (Spain, Europe), being legally constituted with CIF B54835301 and under European regulation.

International recognition

We are endorsed by awards and recognitions such as VISA Fintech Americas, Best Startup by Caixabank, Guests of Honor by the United Kingdom, mentoring at the European Commission...

Electronic money license

We protect our customers, the funds contributed by our users will be deposited in a special account of our partners. Further information.

Best Spanish professional team

With about 40 experts in cryptocurrencies, technology, finance, trading and other areas, being one of the most versatile professional teams in the sector.

Millions of users use Bit2Me

We help millions of people every year to become more and more free, educating and creating tools that act as bridges that allow a smooth transition to the Blockchain world.

Bit2Me is the trademark of the company Bitcoinforme S.L., legally registered with the CIF B54835301.
Our headquarters are at C/ Germán Bernacer, 69, 03203, Elche, Alicante, Spain.
Our transparency, professionalism and customer service has always been our best marketing.

VISA Fintech Americas

World Winners of VISA Fintech Americas 2015

October, 2015

Bit2Me presents Hive in Miami (Florida, United States), a banking solution without banks, offering different financial products through smart contracts. This is currently called DeFi.

After a competitive final between India, Peru and Spain, Bit2Me was the world winning solution with €10,000.

Bit2Me Best Startup of the Year by Caixabank

Best Startup of the Year by Caixabank

June, 2015

The Spanish bank La Caixa, one of the largest banks in the world, awards Bit2Me as Best Startup of the year 2015.

Bit2Me develops a pioneering solution in the world that connects traditional banking to Bitcoin, allowing anyone to convert bitcoins into euros through traditional bank tellers.


European finalists of the BBVA Open Talent 2016

September, 2016

Bit2Me presents Hive in London, having been selected as European finalists. Hive was presented as a bankless banking solution. A P2P bank, where different financial products were converted into small smart contracts on Blockchain. In 2020 this concept is called DeFi.

Hive is P2P banking, where different financial products were converted into small smart contracts on Blockchain.

European Commission

Collaborations with the European Commission

2015, 2016, 2017

After being requested as experts, part of the Bit2Me team travels to the European Commission (Brussels) on multiple occasions.

Bit2Me explains how Bitcoin is already self-regulating, talks about the importance of individual privacy, avoiding absurd legislation and helps in the correct understanding of the technology.

Bit2Me Finalist in CODE_n

Finalists of the CODE_n 2016

October, 2016

We landed in Karlsruhe (Germany) in the European contest CODE_n as finalists, selected by the important consulting firm GFT.

Bit2Me presents Hive, a DeFI solution for bankless banking using Blockchain technology. After that, the Bit2Me logo is projected on the facade of the huge royal palace in Karlsruhe. Something unique and it was a pride to be part of it.


Providers of Accenture

Bitcoin ATM

In 2016 Bit2Me developed a Bitcoin ATM where you can exchange cryptocurrencies for cash. Accenture, one of the largest consultancies in the world, was impressed by the result and exhibited one unit at presentations at its headquarters.

The cashier was exposed from 2017 to 2019 in Torre Picasso (Madrid).

Deloitte & Expansion

Best business model by Deloitte

November, 2015

Deloitte (the world's leading consulting firm) awards Bit2Me the best, and most innovative, business model for Hive.

Hive was a prototype of a P2P financial social network developed by Bit2Me, which allowed using products such as remittances, loans, investments, etc. but without banks, using Blockchain.

UK Fintech Mission

Selected by the Government of the United Kingdom

Our History

On the occasion of the UK government program to attract foreign talent, Bit2Me is selected to negotiate the possibility of moving our company and business to the UK.

Although the advantages were very great, we decided to leave our ability to create employment in Spain.

Bit2Me in Expansion

Collaboration with Expansión

November, 2015

At the launch of ActitudDigital (from the well-known communication medium Expansión), Bit2Me is selected for the launch.

At the event, the CEO of Bit2Me and the CEO of Abanca bank speak in front of journalists. The topic? Traditional banking against the Bitcoin revolution and Blockchain technology: "Bitcoin is shaking entities as anyone with a mobile can be their own bank."


Introducing the Bit2Me Bitcoin ATM at MoneyConf 2016

June, 2016

We launched the Bit2Me Bitcoin ATM. With the ATM, event attendees were able to buy bitcoins with cash.

Our stand was located next to the luxurious stand of the large traditional bank Banco Santander, who watched hundreds of people use a Bitcoin ATM without being able to do anything.

Selected for 4YFN 2020

Selected for the 4YFN 2020 Barcelona

February, 2020

Bit2Me was selected and invited to 4YFN, an event within the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona that brings together the most outstanding companies. 4YFN is one of the main epicenters of innovation that allows Bit2Me to become visible in front of tens of thousands of people.

Due to the coronavirus, the event has been canceled for the time being.

Radio Televisión Española

Bit2Me in Spanish Television

November, 2017

Leif Ferreira, CEO and founder of Bit2Me, is invited to Televisión Española to speak in prime time about Bitcoin, Blockchain technology and Bit2Me.

In the intervention, we discussed the potential of Bitcoin, and use cases of technology implementation in public institutions.

The video reaches a great repercussion when it is broadcast on Spanish Television and on the international channel 24h.

Bit2Me at the FIB 2019

Collaboration with the FIB

July, 2019

The founder and CEO of Bit2Me is invited by the well-known international music festival FIB to give his vision of Blockchain technology use cases applicable to the music and entertainment industry.

In a totally altruistic way, 5 use cases of real implementation were explained to all attendees.

Startup Olé Salamanca

Bit2Me presentations at Startup Olé Salamanca

March, 2019

Between the walls of the oldest university in Spain, and the third oldest in Europe, almost 1000 years after its creation, Bit2Me teaches different presentations and round tables on Bitcoin.

Attendees included the King of Spain, but he did not attend our presentations on decentralization and freedom.

La Sexta

Collaborations with La Sexta

January, 2018

Bit2Me embarks on the work of collaborating with all possible means to publicize Bitcoin. After having gone through dozens of Spanish media (such as Cuatro, TVE, Intereconomia, La Ser, El Mundo...) we made a series of collaborations with La Sexta.

These collaborations translate to Bit2Me appearances talking about Bitcoin in the news, moments of maximum audience peaks.


Bit2Me joins Movistar to publicize Bitcoin

May, 2018

On Saturday May 12, 2018, we took another great step to facilitate the understanding of cryptocurrencies for any citizen and, for the first time in history, the Bitcoin logo was projected on the facade of one of the most significant buildings in the capital. from Spain: the FlagShip Store building by Movistar.

Bit2Me DEX presentation at Google Campus

Bit2Me DEX presentation at Google Campus

November, 2018

In front of 500 attendees and the media, Bit2Me presents DEX, one of the most transgressing developments in the company. A decentralized exchange of digital assets Blockchain.

At the event, we digitized shares of Google and Apple, to then exchange them without intermediaries through a friendly interface.

Appereances in the media


Bit2Me has appeared in the media hundreds of times, including NBC, Televisión Española, Cuatro, Yahoo or Bloomberg among others.

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We are children of the internet. Without borders, connected and free. Be free to use the type of money that you consider most fair. With Bit2Me you decide, move freely, your way, without barriers and without complications.