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  • Registered with the Bank of Spain and insured for €150 million
  • Premium customer service for businesses
  • With a free accounting solution for the Tax Agency
  • +20 services with +200 cryptocurrencies available

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360º Solution

At Bit2Me, we also have pre-built solutions for businesses or custom solutions on a small and large scale

Buy, sell and advanced trading

Trade hundreds of cryptocurrencies and fiat money securely

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Apply for a loan with Loan

Request loans using your cryptocurrencies as collateral

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Commerce payment gateway

Accept payments in your online or physical business

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Earn more with Earn

Earn passive rewards by holding your cryptocurrencies in Earn

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Crypto custody with Custody

Cryptocurrency custodian with maximum protection. Insured up to $150M

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OTC - large operations

Operate large amounts with tailor-made off-market operations

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Multiply your returns

Enter the new Web3 ecosystem with your company and maximize your performance.

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Launch your ICO with Launchpad

Launch your own cryptocurrency with our Launchpad

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Consultancy service for every stage of your business

360º blockchain solution

Complete business strategy

We help you create a customized action strategy, taking into account your position in the industry and the particularities of your business, so that you can gain a competitive edge.

Business Development

Applying open technologies, we develop custom solutions, specifically designed for your needs. We can create a perfect solution that easily adapts to the future.

Corporate Training

Train your employees in new technologies and advance your company in the Web3 and blockchain environment. We provide customised training plans in the specific areas you need. Contact us for more information.

Our experience with different companies speaks for itself

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A multidisciplinary team at your disposal


A decade developing blockchain technology
Company with a partnership in Spain and in accordance with European regulation
With multi-layer security systems and a personalized support service

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