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Manage your cryptocurrencies from Bit2Me Wallet, a next-generation wallet. Use it to buy more cryptocurrencies, sell them, send and receive payments on the blockchain network and exchange between cryptocurrencies easily.

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Bit2Me is a highly secure service that works from Europe, in a transparent and solid way, under the umbrella of our partners (More information). We are pioneers allowing the buying and selling of cryptocurrencies since 2014. It operates securely, together with tens of thousands of customers, buying from small amounts (1€), up to the amount you need.

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Store your cryptocurrencies in an orderly, safe and easy way. Bit2Me allows you to store cryptocurrencies, purchased from Bit2Me or receive them from abroad.

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Buy and sell

Add euros and don't miss any opportunity buying whenever you want. You can also sell and save the euros obtained or withdraw them to your bank.



Exchange between multiple cryptocurrencies with a simple click instantly, without the need for any kind of trading knowledge.



Pay for goods and services from anywhere in the world with cryptocurrencies at no extra cost, just sending to the destination address of the cryptocurrency.



Send cryptocurrencies instantly and free of charge to friends and family thanks to the offchain layer of transactions that Bit2Me has developed.



Make donations with cryptocurrencies to any NGO in the world, directly, without intermediaries or added extra costs. Make free and instant micropayments.

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A cryptocurrency is a digital currency whose operation is regulated and controlled by a software or program running on thousands of computers or nodes that form a decentralized network. These nodes work in such a way that they verify every operation carried out by the users of this currency. To achieve this, the software uses a series of advanced mathematical functions known as cryptography. It is through the use of cryptography that things such as the ownership of coins, their use (sending and receiving payments), as well as their issuance and accounting are kept under strict and secure control.
The idea of cryptocurrencies is that users mobilize these digital coins within this network of nodes, using cryptography. In this way all movement is recorded in a distributed ledger that is stored within each node, immutably and securely.

The current number of cryptocurrencies on the market is immense. Since the arrival of this technology to the world with Bitcoin, several cryptocurrencies have appeared willing to improve what Bitcoin achieved. As a result, there are currently more than 8,200 different cryptocurrencies registered. Some of these cryptocurrencies have a large presence in the world (e.g., Bitcoin or Ethereum), while others have passed as experiments or simply haven't caught people's attention.

A cryptocurrency wallet is a software or physical electronic device that you can use to receive, send, or store cryptocurrencies securely. Just as you have a wallet for physical money, or have a bank account, you can do the same with cryptocurrencies. A cryptocurrency wallet allows you to manage your cryptocurrencies by giving you the opportunity to send payments to other people (using their address or cryptocurrency account), receive payments in cryptocurrencies (by generating your addresses to receive them) or simply store them if you wish.

The creation of cryptocurrencies responds to the need to evolve the way we see and use money. All this while avoiding and correcting the vices into which the money we know today has fallen. In fact, the big push for the creation of Bitcoin (the first cryptocurrency) was the Great Recession of 2008, when the world was shown that the centralized model of money was against our well-being, our freedom and economic security. To fight against this centralized model, Bitcoin and the cryptocurrencies were born, creating a currency that is not controlled by any government or any other person, that can circulate globally because it has no borders, that is secure, unforgeable, resistant to censorship, and whose value is not diluted by uncontrolled issuance.

Fiat money, or trust money, is simply the money you've been handling so far. It's a type of money that is issued by a bank and the government supports it by legalizing the issue. All those bills and coins issued are just a representation, a promise. That promise says,"This is worth so much money within the bank and the country that supports its issuance. However, the reality is that this money is not backed by anything, it is just a promise of value. A promise that has been broken many times, and continues to be broken every time more fiat money is issued without control.

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We handle quantities above 150K euros in a personalized way and at special prices.

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