Safety and warranty,
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Bit2Me Security
Cold storage

100% cold storage

Our users' crypto funds are always stored in cold storage with HSM technology and under multi-signature to ensure top-level protection.

Deposits in banks

Deposits in bank account

Your FIAT money is deposited in its own assigned account within an external entity regulated by the Bank of Spain and protected with a 100% guarantee, so it will remain yours no matter what happens with Bit2Me.

Secure data

Secure data beyond GDPR

Stored data is encrypted and stored in scattered pieces. We take data privacy very seriously and can guarantee full GDPR compliance.

Partners and security certificates

Manage your cryptocurrencies
Bank of Spain

Registered by the Bank of Spain as a crypto-assets custodian and exchange house.

ISO/IEC 27001

ISO/IEC 27001 certification that endorses the information security management system for crypto-asset trading and custody companies.

ISO 22301

ISO 22301 certification that endorses the information security management system for crypto-asset trading and custody companies.

Star Level One

CSA STAR represents the industry's foremost program for ensuring protection in cloud environments, covering key aspects such as transparency, audits and regulatory compliance.


Hybrid hardware, firmware and software solution to provide an extra layer of security. 150M€ insurance policy with Lloyd's.


Storage environment with 360° inaccessibility approach, two cold systems, six layers of security and more than 100 protection measures.


KYC/AML regulation satisfied through process guaranteed by Jumio.


Custodian bank for FIAT funds regulated by the Bank of Spain as a banking entity and therefore with a 100% guarantee for client funds.

Multilayer model

Our system
Multilayer model

Layer 1

Work area

The model starts at the base, the work area. We take care of every detail, from the infrastructure to our human resources.

Layer 2

Software development

We base the development on quality, security, monitoring and updating systems. Launches always go through QA and Cybersecurity review under encrypted communication.

Layer 3

Communication infrastructure

We have the latest standards to protect our infrastructure: WAF, isolated service execution, SIEM, internal and external SOC, IDS monitoring, etc.

Layer 4

Cryptocurrency management

Cold storage with the collaboration of Ledger Vault and Prosegur Crypto, protection insurance, automatic analysis, integrity analysis, advanced MPC, multi-signature distributed by countries, etc.

Layer 5

Account access

5-factor access: pass, 2FA enabled, IP authorized by device validation, connection/operation analysis with AI and biometric access.

Layer 6

Customer protection

We take your security very seriously: PBC analysis, payment verification with 3DS card, 100% encrypted data at rest and in transit, support and active training policy.

Additional protection

We have even more


Bit2Me is subject to Spanish and European regulations. We are registered with the Bank of Spain as a custodian and a cryptoassets exchange. We are registered as a company and headquartered in Spain.

Security Fact

Security Fact

Our new user registration system (KYC, PBC) is focused on deterring criminals. This is crucial as cryptocurrencies are traceable and our job is to ensure that none of our users buy cryptocurrencies tainted by crime.

Bug Bounty

Bug Bounty

At Bit2Me we love hacker culture. We feel very identified with this trend that is part of our company's DNA. Hundreds of high-level hackers from all over the world try every month to discover security improvements in Bit2Me.