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Safety and warranty

How do we protect you? Understand the security that only Bit2Me brings to you

We have a highly qualified team in the fields of cybersecurity, legal and compliance focused on the protection of funds, personal data and privacy

Partners and certificates

Our partners

About Bit2Me security

Cryptocurrency management

100% cold storage
Our users' crypto funds are always cold-stored with HSM technology and under multi-signature to ensure top-level protection.
Deposits in bank account
Your FIAT money is deposited in its own assigned account within an external entity regulated by the Bank of Spain and protected with a 100% guarantee, so it will remain yours no matter what happens with Bit2Me.
Secure data beyond GDPR
Stored data is encrypted and stored in dispersed chunks. We take data privacy very seriously and can guarantee full GDPR compliance.
Legal and regulatory compliance
In Bit2Me we comply with all applicable laws, both corporate, tax, labor, accounting, commercial... This eliminates the risk of possible problems that could affect the customer indirectly.

“At Bit2Me we take regulatory compliance very seriously to protect the user” João Augusto


CSA Star
ISO 27001

Bank of Spain

Registered by the Bank of Spain as a crypto-assets custodian and exchange house.

Certification ISO 27001

Endorses the information security management system for the purchase, sale and custody of crypto-assets.

Certification ISO 22301

Endorses the information security management system for the purchase, sale and custody of crypto-assets.

CSA Star

Ensures protection in cloud environments, covering transparency, audits and regulatory compliance.

360º Security

Robust Platform

Cointelegraph lists us as one of the most trusted companies in the world

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Sleep easy with Bit2Me

Why Bit2Me?

10 years trading cryptocurrencies

Bringing security, assurance and support to crypto operations

Regulated in the European Union

First crypto exchange registered with the Bank of Spain

Quality support in your language

We help you, with multi-channel support in your language

Free tax report included

Your income tax reports in one click

Highly recognized certifications

ISO 27001, ISO 37001, ISO 22301 and many more

Internal and external audits

Bit2Me undergoes multiple annual security and legal audits, among others

Free education included

Educational content available to make informed decisions

Backed by Telefónica and Investcorp

Bit2Me has listed companies as partners

Multilayer Model

Our system


Secure work area and anti-corruption policies

We protect and train all employees, with the highest security measures in software and hardware and strict anti-corruption policies.


Development in secure environments

All developments are carried out in a test environment, passing quality and stability tests and cybersecurity review protocols.


Reinforced infrastructure

We have the latest standards to protect our infrastructure: WAF, isolated service execution, SIEM, internal and external SOC, IDS monitoring, etc.


Secure cryptocurrency management

Cold storage with Ledger and Prosegur Crypto, protection insurance, automatic and integrity analysis, advanced MPC, distributed multi-signature, etc.


Five barriers to account access

To enter your user account we have the following controls: password, 2FA, authorized IP, connection analysis / AI operations and biometric access.


Customer protection

We perform PBC analysis, 3DS card payment verification, work with encrypted data and have an outstanding customer support valued by users.

Bit2Me in the media

Everything you need for your income tax return

Bit2Me Tax

One-click free integrated tax report export tool
Tax advisors at your disposal
Training tutorials on taxation and cryptocurrencies

360º Platform


Our DNA, our principles


We have designed our company following some fundamental pillars that protect our customers on a daily basis


Safety first

We put all existing and future measures in place to make your cryptocurrencies as secure as possible and with the least possible friction in the user experience.


We are an open book

Transparency is our mantra. We have nothing to hide, neither in small print nor in large print.


We learn from our mistakes

If we make a mistake, we acknowledge it, apologize and learn from it. That's how we have become experts!


No chains

No commitment of permanence, enter and leave whenever you want, because in Bit2Me the only chains are blockchains.


The crypto ecosystem in your hands

We offer a wide variety of services, products, and above all, hundreds of cryptocurrencies available.


We do not understand borders

We provide access to as many places as we are allowed to. We are currently available in +150 countries worldwide.



We're always on the cutting edge. If there's something new in the world of cryptocurrencies, you can bet we have it.


We are obsessed with things well done

We comply with all laws and regulations, even before they are applied. We do not cheat, because we believe in fair play.


We believe in crypto knowledge as a fundamental right

That's why we work every day to make our crypto academy accessible, free and of high quality.


Always by your side

We're with you every step of your crypto journey. No matter where you are or what you need, we're here to help.

With Bit2Me you always have someone by your side to help you

You will never be alone

In case of any incident Bit2Me has specialized support in cryptocurrencies and in the products we offer that provide fast and efficient support, responding to the needs and concerns of customers even by phone in their language (at the moment we support up to 7 languages and 15 countries).

The telephone support that accompanies us step by step in case of doubts and incidents is something that makes us practically unique in a direct way.

Simple and intuitive platform


Intuitive interface

Interface designed for comfort and user experience. We work daily with real users for continuous improvement.

Simplified registration

The user can be up and running on the platform in less than 3 minutes

Real-time assistance

The platform offers integrated support modules and real-time assistance to resolve questions or problems.

Simplified advanced functions

We simplify highly complex functions and reduce it to a click and a language close to you.

Flexibility in deposits and withdrawals

Add and withdraw funds via blockchain, instant bank transfer at no cost, credit/debit card, or Google/Apple Pay.

Low commissions

We have highly liquid markets, for example BTC/EUR, with commissions up to 0% for makers and 0.10% for takers.

Multi language

We support 7 languages: Spanish, English, Portuguese, Italian, German, French and Polish. And we are working to expand to 15 languages.

Tutorials, training and access to experts

We offer free training through the largest crypto Academy, as well as live AMA sessions with experts, who can also be engaged privately.

Multiple perimeter control

Safety barriers

Username and password
Second authentication factor
Authorized device
AI-based behavioral analysis

Security articles


We regularly publish security-oriented content that can make you lose your money. You can find thousands of articles in our world's largest free crypto academy.

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Management team and renowned investors

Partner transparency

All Bit2Me partners are known and can be publicly analyzed.

Leif Ferreira as founder and CEO, together with Andrei Manuel, are the main partners of the company. And as main investors, the renowned companies Telefónica, Inveready and Investcorp.