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Referral Programme

Earn commissions for each person who uses Bit2Me thanks to you

Earn up to €1000 for each person you invite to use Bit2Me!

Recommend and benefit

Create your own crypto family! Earn profits from the operations of your direct referrals ('children'), and from the referrals of your referrals ('grandchildren' and 'great-grandchildren'). The bigger your family, the more you earn! Up to €1000 per invited person!

Plus, your invitees will also have benefits. Each person you invite and who joins the Bitcoin revolution will receive €5 if their first purchase is €100 or more.

All the profits we distribute come from Bit2Me's commissions. We have already distributed hundreds of thousands of euros in benefits to our community.

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How do I invite my friends?
Click on Invite and earn Share the link Check your benefits Withdraw your benefits

By clicking on your profile in the top right corner if you are on the web or in the left menu if you are on the app, click on the Invite and earn section.

Send the link to your friends through your social networks, website, blog, or any type of messaging app. Everyone who creates an account on Bit2Me through your link will be linked to you. Each friend who uses your link, and their first purchase is €100 or more, will automatically receive €5 for free.

At any time, you can see both the accumulated benefits and the points earned. You have detailed statistics with advanced filters, as well as a history of all actions taken.

With just €30 accumulated, you can withdraw your profits to your Bit2Me euro wallet, being able to use them in the way you consider best: buy cryptocurrencies, send to a friend, purchase services, withdraw to your bank, etc.

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The best referral programme

Up to €1000 per referral
Up to €1000 per referral

For each direct or indirect referral, we give you up to €1000. Plus, they will receive €5 on their first purchase.

Create your bitcoin family
Create your bitcoin family

Expand your family! Earn benefits from your direct referrals (children), as well as from indirect ones (grandchildren and great-grandchildren).

Earn your badges
Earn your badges

Every transaction your referrals make earns points to move up in rank. 5 ranks; the higher the rank, the better the commissions.

A program without limits
A program without limits

There are no limits to creating your Bitcoin family. Grow your family and unlock better benefits.

€5 on the first purchase
€5 on the first purchase

Your referrals, after registering with your code, will receive a €5 gift on their first purchase of €100 or more.

Detailed analytics
Detailed analytics

Create as many referral codes as you wish. Analyse the performance of each link separately.

Discover more about the benefits and scoring. Click here .

Earn up to 40% of the commissions from your referrals' transactions

How much would I earn for each of my referrals?

The bigger your family, the more you earn. Earn points by inviting your friends and the more transactions they make or the more friends they invite, the more chances you have to change level and earn a higher percentage of their commissions.

You can earn from 20% to 40%! See the following commission table:

Points Rank % Child % Grandchild % Great-grandchild
0 1 20% 5% 2,5%
10001 2 25% 7,5% 3,75%
100001 3 30% 10% 5%
1000001 4 35% 12,5% 6,25%
4000001 5 40% 15% 7,5%

Earn money by expanding the revolution

Create your crypto family

Invite your friends to use cryptocurrencies while earning money for the people who come to Bit2Me thanks to you, directly or indirectly. Up to 3 degrees of descent in your crypto family. We have created one of the best referral programs in the crypto world because our purpose is to bring cryptocurrencies and their values to as many people as possible. With your help, we can achieve this and we will compensate you for it.

We have the best referral program in the world


Comparison with other platforms. Real data obtained in May 2023.

Coinbase Logo
California (USA)
  • Active in certain periods
  • Only one payment per referral
  • Minimum trading volume by your referral to earn the commission
Bit2Me Logo
The best option
  • You earn referral commissions during the first year
  • Withdrawals from the first day
  • 3 levels of referral
  • More referrals, higher percentage of profit
  • You earn by the volume of the transaction
  • Your referral receives €5 on their first purchase
Binance Logo
  • Only one payment if the referral buys €50 or more
  • Payment in trading commission credits
  • Time limit to make those credits effective

Receive your benefits as you prefer!

Flexible payments
SEPA - International

Withdraw your benefits to your bank account. Payments are made in euros to bank accounts in any currency.


Withdraw your benefits in Bitcoin. Receive payment to any Bitcoin address in the world in just a few minutes.

Other services
Other services
Bit2Me Suite

Send money to friends, purchase services, trade,... Bit2Me continues to create services. Use your benefits as you wish.

You will earn benefits from users who 1) arrive at the site through your link, 2) register, and 3) conduct business transactions.

We have what others do not offer

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Move up in rank and earn more

Move up in rank and earn more

The most involved people earn more thanks to the ranks. The more people you bring on your part, the more points you earn to move up in rank and increase your commission percentage up to 62.5%!

Cookie valid for 30 days

Cookie valid for 30 days

The cookie is valid for 30 days, unlike other systems. If a person comes to Bit2Me through one of your links and registers within the next 30 days by another means, they will be linked to your profile.

Earn with every purchase, sale, and exchange

Earn with every purchase, sale, and exchange

The referral system rewards you for all the operations your crypto family performs: purchases, sales, and exchanges (all implemented in Bit2Me Wallet).

Direct help 24/7

Direct help 24/7

We help you earn more. We are at your disposal for questions, ideas, or proposals through: phone, email, or chat. Support available in multiple languages.

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Bit2Me Guarantee

Trustworthy track record

Since 2014 we have been pioneers in Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. We protect our customers and their privacy.

We work for you

More than 50 experts in different areas. We are endorsed by recognitions such as: VISA Fintech Americas, Guests of Honour by the United Kingdom or the European Commission, …

Appearances in the media

You can find us on television, radio, and in the press: NBC, TVE, Cuatro, Cadena SER, Intereconomía, Expansión, El Mundo, El País, etc.

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