Bitcoin Price (BTC)
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About Bitcoin

A bitcoin (in lowercase) is the name given to a unit of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency and whose representation is: 1 BTC. A bitcoin is a divisible unit, in fact, each bitcoin can be divided to eight decimal places, which allows you to handle each bitcoin in very small fractions, as required. These smaller bitcoin units are called "satoshis" and you can manage them also to send and receive bitcoin payments, because when you reach 100,000,000 satoshis, you get the equivalent of 1 BTC.


Frequently Asked Questions

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The only ways to get bitcoins are:
- By buying bitcoins at Bit2Me, using your debit or credit card or bank transfer, you can buy bitcoins to use as a means of saving money as the price of cryptocurrencies increases. This is the easiest and safest way to get bitcoins.
- Receiving payments in bitcoins, that is, working, providing services or making sales that can be paid for in bitcoins.
- Mining, which is performing powerful calculations that allow you to verify transactions within the network and generate the blocks of the Bitcoin blockchain. A really difficult, complex, very technical, and above all, expensive process.