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Secure and Insured Custody of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

Institutional grade, highly protected, insured with €150 million, regulatory compliance, and 24-hour support.

Operational since 2014

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Assets insured up to $150M
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About Bit2Me Custody

Highly protected and insured Crypto Custody with €150 million

Bit2Me Custody is a high-security cold storage, insured with a €150 million policy, institutional grade, highly protected, regulatory compliant, and with 24-hour support.

We guarantee that your digital assets remain secure and are available to meet the requirements you need. We solve custody risks and compliance for institutions and large clients, hosting the infrastructure in very high-security facilities.

Securely store and manage your NFTs

Digital assets

Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, are revolutionizing the way we own and manage assets, certifying the ownership of literally everything that exists through unique Blockchain-based tokens.

Like any Web3 digital asset, NFTs must be protected and insured. Bit2Me is the secure gateway for storing, viewing, managing, and fully enjoying the ownership of your NFTs.

Securing digital assets

Secure (HSM)

Secure (HSM)

Multi-signature secured vault with FIPS 140-2 Hardware Security Module



€150 Million Insurance by Lloyds (expandable if desired)



Segregated wallets with separate asset management and individual on-chain addresses



Multi-approval scheme (MAS) thanks to granular governance



Bit2Me is registered with the Bank of Spain's Custody Registry



Leading company, 8 years in the industry, +350 employees and billions of euros transacted



Direct 24-hour contact for technical and operational assistance

Top Cryptocurrencies

Top Cryptocurrencies

Support for more than 200 cryptocurrencies and ERC20 tokens

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Insured with €150 million

Insurance policy
About Bit2Me Custody

A digitalized world with risks to cover

It is evident that issuing a digital financial asset has many advantages. However, digital assets require much more scrutiny to maintain security, compliance, and attract investors. Bit2Me allows issuers to launch their cryptocurrency or token securely and reliably, meeting the needs of the regulator.

We protect assets with a €150 million policy in case of:

  • Third-party hacks, copying or theft of private keys.
  • Internal theft by dishonest acts of Bit2Me employees or executives.
  • Loss of keys.

Security must be built on a solid and entrenched foundation.

Our solution

Physical Security

Ensuring values has always had (and always will have) a physical component. Distributing that risk can minimize it, but not completely eliminate it.


Hardware solutions need to have security and resilience at their core, on both the client and server side to ensure secure communications.


Operating systems must be secure and designed to support high-value interactions at scale. The What You See Is What You Sign functionality is key to gaining customer trust.


It needs to become secure, transparent, distributed, and scalable. The web 1 software stack will not properly support the web 3 ecosystem at scale.

Transaction rules can be combined to create schemes of
flexible and scalable governments

  • The multi-signature authorization scheme distributes the signing responsibility among multiple operators within the institution.
  • Approval groups allow for the creation of complex multi-signature authorization schemes.
  • The whitelist allows outgoing transactions to be blocked outside of a defined list of trusted public addresses.
  • Conditional flows allow institutions to define triggers for their rules based on value thresholds or the presence of a beneficiary on the whitelist.

More than 250 cryptocurrencies and tokens

Broad support

In an increasingly digitalized world, Bit2Me provides extensive support in secure storage for cryptocurrencies and tokens based on blockchain technology.