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Safe and secure custody for digital assets

Institutional grade, highly protected, insured with €100 million, regulatory compliance and 24-hour support.


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What is it
About Bit2Me Custody

Crypto Custody highly protected and secured with €100 million

Bit2Me Custody is a highly secure cold storage and insured with a €100 million policy. We guarantee that your digital assets remain secure and available to meet the requirements you need.

We resolve custody and compliance risks for institutions and large clients, housing the infrastructure in very high security facilities.


Securing digital assets

Cold storage

Cold storage

On-chain cold addresses segregated by customer.



Crypto Custody secured with €100 million policy.



Class III bank grade vaults with triple security.

Top cryptocurrencies

Top cryptocurrencies

Support for 250 cryptocurrencies and tokens.

Robust reporting

Robust reporting

Easily audited and customized reports.



An advanced rule engine ensures the use of your assets.

Fast SLAs

Fast SLAs

Eight-hour withdrawal SLA with tailored management.

Engineers support

Engineers support

We have expert engineers to integrate new assets.

More than 250 cryptocurrencies and tokens

Broad support

In an increasingly digitized world, Bit2Me provides extensive support in secure storage for cryptocurrencies and tokens based on blockchain technology.

Bit2Me cryptocurrencies

Transaction rules can be combined to create flexible and scalable governance schemes

  • The multiple authorization scheme distributes the responsibility of the firm among multiple operators within the institution.
  • Approval groups allow the creation of complex multiple authorization schemes.
  • Whitelisting allows outgoing transactions to be blocked outside of a defined list of trusted public addresses.
  • Conditional flows allow institutions to define triggers for their rules based on value thresholds or the presence of a beneficiary on the white list.

Designed for you, to be efficient

Our clients


Investment funds, banks, governments and other types of institutions are welcome. We offer security and regulatory compliance.

Startups, companies and issuers

Wallet providers, exchanges, liquidity providers and issuers of digitized financial assets.


For portfolios over €150,000 in digital assets. Have your assets protected without losing accessibility and management.

Store safely more than 250 cryptocurrencies

Work with our experts to find the best solution.
Bit2Me offers flexible configurations to address a variety of business needs.


Insured with $100 millon

Insurance policy
About Bit2Me Custody

A digitized world

Clearly, issuing a digital financial asset has many advantages. However, digital assets require much more scrutiny to maintain security, compliance, and attract investors. Bit2Me allows issuers to launch their cryptocurrency or token in a safe and proven way, satisfying the needs of the regulator.

We protect assets with a €100 million policy in case of:

  • Third-party hacks, copying or theft of private keys.
  • Internal theft for dishonest acts of Bit2Me employees or executives.
  • Loss of keys.

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