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We created "The Security Token Exchange"

The world of tokenization is institutionalized, regulated by the Treasury and supervised by the Spanish CNMV and the European ESMA.

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The Web3 solution to the stock market

What is Bit2Me STX?

Raise financing for your company your way

Raising capital in the traditional market is difficult. Web3 does it in a much cheaper, more efficient and liquid way. Request more information here.

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We help you structure your project and identify the steps to issue Security Tokens.


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We advise you in the process of issuing security tokens (whitepaper, supply, value, dividends) according to the regulations and the possibilities of the technology.


We help you to technologically develop your project on blockchain. We work with customized sessions and with a controlled budget.

Primary market

The primary market or issuance market is the financial market in which negotiable securities are issued and therefore securities are transferred for the first time. We help you to understand what you need to understand so you can issue your Security Token

Secondary market

We have the trading environment. The secondary market or trading market is a part of the financial capital market dedicated to the purchase and sale of securities that have already been issued in an initial public or private offering, in the so-called primary market.

Primary and secondary market solutions

Types of security tokens

Equity tokens

A participation represents ownership of an underlying asset, such as shares of a company. The holder of a participation may be entitled to dividends, voting rights or both. As with shares, a contract establishes the applicable terms and conditions.

Capital markets

Debt tokens

Debt tokens are interest-bearing units representing short-term loans. There are two types: stable (with fixed interest) and variable (with variable interest). These tokens reflect the holder's debt and its relationship to the interest rate or loan acquired.

Real estate

Asset-backed tokens

These are digital units on a blockchain that represent real-world assets. By owning them, users obtain ownership rights to these objects, but in digital form. This enables secure and transparent management of tangible and intangible assets.

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