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Mastercard Crypto Bit2Me Card

Bit2Me Card

Pay with cryptocurrencies wherever you want

Pay instantly with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies at more than 40 million locations worldwide.

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Mastercard Bit2Me Card

Plastic card | Virtual card

Plastic and virtual cards

Enjoy cashback on your purchases, check all your expenses and movements, make secure 3DS payments, set up your PIN, contactless and much more!

The definitive card

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Bit2Me Mastercard Card

Chip, PIN and contactless

Bit2Me Card is a last generation Mastercard card that you can have both in plastic and virtually. The plastic version has NFC technology.

It has an exclusive design, authorized by Mastercard, and printed with high quality inks so that they always look perfect for any lifestyle.

Cryptocurrencies connected to your Bit2Me card

Connect your cryptocurrencies

Forget about prepaid cards! Thanks to the technology developed by Bit2Me, the crypto debit card has arrived. Do not spend time selling manually, or sell more than you need.

Bit2Me Card connects as if by magic to Bit2Me Wallet, in real time, being able to pay with Bitcoin or others instantly and 100% transparent to the merchant.

Card valid worldwide

Global card

Bit2Me Card can be used in more than 40 million stores around the world, in your online purchases and to withdraw cash from ATMs. All this in a matter of seconds.

Travel the world and pay for goods and services whenever and wherever you want, always applying at the best possible rates when converting with foreign currencies.

The freedom formula




Bit2Me Cripto Mastercard Card

Mobile Devices

Your smartphone


World Shops

Discover all the features

All in one


We do not charge you maintenance.


Official Mastercard card, personalized for Bit2Me customers.


Pay with your favorite cryptocurrencies instantly.


Pay around the world, in more than 40 million stores.

No banks

Say goodbye to banks, if you don't have or don't want to use them.

One second

Create a new card in just a second.


Physical cards for online use, in person and cash withdrawals.


Create virtual crypto cards for exclusive use online.


NFC technology for proximity payments, with limit control.

High security

Secure 3DS, 2FA and cold monderos payments to protect you.

Cash withdrawal

Withdraw local currency in cash at millions of ATMs.


Temporarily or forever block a card with one click.


Reconnect the card to another wallet as many times as you want.


Details of all operations made with the card.

Personal help

We are by your side to help you by phone, chat and video.


Receive notifications in real time via email and web.

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