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Earn up to 37,30% APY with your cryptocurrencies without doing anything!

Get rewards by staking your cryptocurrencies in an easy and secure way.

Make your cryptocurrencies work for you

Supported cryptos

Create a diversified portfolio with our growing selection of 37 cryptos, no commissions!

Up to 10,40 %
Up to 14,40 %
Up to 13,70 %
Up to 10,00 %
Up to 6,50 %
Up to 7,30 %
Up to 5,10 %
Up to 10,40 %
Up to 6,10 %
Up to 8,80 %
Up to 22,70 %
Bitcoin BTC
Get the maximum Bitcoin APY from the B2M Farming Pool. More information.
Up to 3,50 %
Up to 6,20 %
Up to 6,60 %
Up to 5,10 %
Up to 37,30 %
Up to 8,20 %
Up to 7,30 %
Up to 36,20 %
Up to 15,20 %
Up to 13,40 %
Up to 9,30 %
Up to 12,91 %
Up to 11,10 %
Up to 16,60 %
Up to 6,00 %
Up to 26,80 %
Up to 9,60 %
Up to 5,10 %
Up to 5,10 %
Up to 5,10 %
Up to 4,60 %
Up to 3,10 %
Up to 6,80 %
Up to 11,60 %
Up to 5,70 %
Up to 2,00 %

Grow your investment with our staking system

How does Earn work
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    Add funds

    Deposit cryptos, exchange, or buy with fiat money by card, bank transfer.

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    Move to Bit2Me Earn

    Transfer the amount you want, instantly, free of charge, to Bit2Me Earn with just one click.

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    Earn rewards for every minute you have your funds in Bit2Me Earn, with no commissions.

Calculate the performance of your cryptocurrencies


This calculator is for information purposes only. Yields are calculated assuming that the principal and interest remain in the Bit2Me account. * The calculation estimate is without taking into account that the price of the cryptocurrency may vary.

In - months you will have*. -

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We will answer your questions

The main advantage of Bit2Me Earn is its ease of use. Thanks to an intuitive interface you can put your cryptocurrencies to work and earn rewards in a couple of clicks.

  • Competitive APYs on the most important cryptocurrencies.
  • The service is free of charge.
  • No fees for deposits or withdrawals.
  • Deposits and withdrawals are instantaneous.
  • There is no minimum or maximum amount to use the staking service.
  • There are no entry or exit limits.
  • There is no minimum term or blocking times.
  • You enjoy daily or weekly compounded rewards automatically.

B2M Holders have exclusive advantages that allow them to obtain the highest APY from the Bit2Me Earn service:

  • Get up to 37.3% APY in the B2M Farming Pool.
  • Get an extra 2% with other cryptocurrencies for receiving the reward in B2M.
  • Receive Bitcoin rewards by staking B2M.
  • Earn up to 2.5% extra rewards in any currency.

Using the Bit2Me Earn service is completely free and does not charge any fees for depositing or withdrawing cryptocurrencies.

One of the objectives described in the B2M whitepaper is the creation of a farming pool, where Bit2Me distributes 100 million B2M per year among all users who add their B2M to Bit2Me Earn.

The B2M data locked (Total Value Locked) and the APY percentage can be viewed in a transparent way in the

The reward percentage is calculated by dividing the amount of B2M to be distributed in the farming pool by the amount of blocked tokens.

Rewards are distributed on a daily basis, i.e. every day more than 270,000 B2M will be distributed among all participants of the B2M Farming Pool according to the amount deposited, calculating the reward percentage every 30 minutes.

You can get daily, weekly or monthly rewards depending on the type of reward you prefer to receive:

  • If you lock B2M, the reward is delivered daily from 12:00h (GMT +1) onwards.
  • If you lock B2M and receive the rewards in Bitcoin, they will be delivered monthly, on the 1st of each month, from 12:00h (GMT +1) onwards.
  • If you lock other currencies and receive the reward in B2M, they will be delivered daily from 12:00h (GMT +1) onwards.
  • If you lock other currencies and receive the reward in the same currency, it is delivered weekly on Monday from 12:00h (GMT +1) onwards.

The rewards are calculated every 30 minutes and the minimum reward that can be received is 0.001€, so you must accumulate at least that amount to be able to receive the reward.

The APY is the percentage of rewards you can get each year for holding your cryptos in Earn.

They are being updated according to the market changes and can be consulted in real time.

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