Bit2Me Commerce

Accept cryptocurrencies in your business

Stand out from the competition and receive payments from customers around the world.


They accept customers from all over the world, whether they have a bank or not.


Eliminate fraud. Say goodbye to refunds and high commissions.


Transform payments into crypto and receive euros instantly.


Receive payments online and soon, also in your streetside business.

Accepts payments with the best conditions

Your crypto payment processor

Simple and free configuration

We provide you with a free and open API that will allow you to integrate the full potential of Bit2Me Commerce to your platform. You will be able to accept payments, make withdrawals, exchanges and much more.

Configurable system

We adapt to your business:

  • Customize and convert your wallets easily.
  • Eliminate volatility by changing to euros.
  • Receive as many payments per day as you need.
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Reduce risks and costs, increase agility and flexibility

Win customers

No hidden commissions

100% transparent commissions: 1% on payments to merchants. 0.95% if you want to convert to euros. No trick or gimmick.

Free transfers

Make withdrawals directly to your bank. Time may vary depending on the bank you use.

Fast compensation

Forget about waiting. Receive your money by transfer, in cryptocurrencies or on your card.

Irreversible payments

We reduce the possibility of card fraud. Payments cannot be reversed, nor penalized.

Download your invoices

View and download the list of movements of your business in a single click.

Receive payments in euros

Accept payments in cryptocurrencies and receive euros. Soon configurable to more currencies.

Join thousands of merchants that already accept cryptocurrencies

Discover them in Bit2Me Directory.

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Ready to take the leap into the first global financial system?

Join the Bit2Me Commerce network.

  • Stand out from the competition.
  • Reach more customers.
  • Operate worldwide, without borders.

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