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Bit2Me Commerce

Accept cryptocurrencies in your business starting today

The crypto payment gateway that allows you to enter the global market at the speed of Lightning Network.

Free configuration in three easy steps

Integrate the plugin into your shopping cart or connect our API.
Receive payments in cryptocurrencies.
Payments are converted to euros and you will only have to deposit them in your bank.

Easy integration through plugins and APIs

Just download the plugin of your choice and link it directly to the Commerce API Key.

that's how easy it is to stand out from your competition!

Download plugins

Reduces risks and costs, increases agility and flexibility

Win customers

No hidden fees

We adapt to your type of business and generate a personalized fee plan according to your sales volume.

Free transfers

Make withdrawals directly to your bank. Terms may vary depending on the bank you use.

As an additional currency

As with card payments in other currencies, it accepts crypto and receives euros.

Irreversible payments

We reduce the possibility of card fraud. Payments cannot be reversed, nor penalized.

Download your operation history

With Bit2Me Tax you will be able to download in one click all the movements you have made.

Receive euros automatically

Accepts payments in cryptocurrencies and receives euros. Soon configurable to more currencies.

Ready to make the leap into the global financial system?

Get ahead of your company and stand out from the competition.
With the automatic payment processor, no worries.
Same as card payments in another currency.

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