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How can you get bitcoins?


  • The only ways to get bitcoins are:
    - By buying bitcoins at Bit2Me, using your debit or credit card or bank transfer, you can buy bitcoins to use as a means of saving money as the price of cryptocurrencies increases. This is the easiest and safest way to get bitcoins.
    - Receiving payments in bitcoins, that is, working, providing services or making sales that can be paid for in bitcoins.
    - Mining, which is performing powerful calculations that allow you to verify transactions within the network and generate the blocks of the Bitcoin blockchain. A really difficult, complex, very technical, and above all, expensive process.

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How to invest in Bitcoin?

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Find the way that suits you best. At Bit2Me we offer you a multitude of options to Buy Bitcoin in a safe, quick and easy way. Buy Bitcoin instantly, at the best price, starting from €1.

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There is no minimum amount established to buy Bitcoin. If you can't buy a whole Bitcoin, you can start with small amounts, even fractions of Bitcoin, called 'satoshis.' On Bit2Me, for example, you can start buying Bitcoin from 1€.

To make money with Bitcoin on Bit2Me, you can buy Bitcoin and hold your positions long-term, waiting for its value to increase before selling. You can also take advantage of market volatility to trade on platforms like Bit2Me Pro, or you can consider staking through Bit2Me Earn and earn passive rewards just for holding your cryptocurrencies without moving them. Sign up now to join the Bitcoin revolution.

Buying Bitcoin, like any other asset, can involve risks, as its price is volatile and subject to fluctuations. You might also encounter an insecure exchange or a wallet that does not meet minimum standards. However, at Bit2Me, we have multiple cybersecurity certificates and recognition for our Compliance work, which is why we can say we are one of the safest exchanges in the entire crypto ecosystem.

Furthermore, to avoid Bitcoin's volatility, you can opt for a Dollar Cost Average (DCA) strategy through the "recurring purchases" option available on Bit2Me.

The best time to buy Bitcoin, like any investment, is difficult to predict. Four years ago, who would have imagined its growth? As the proverb says, "The best time to start was yesterday; the second best time is today." Focusing on the long term and using a Dollar Cost Average (DCA) strategy can help you mitigate volatility and avoid worrying about finding the "perfect moment" to invest. With DCA, you make regular and consistent purchases, which smooths out market fluctuations and promotes a more disciplined and less stressful approach.

You can sell Bitcoin at any time you wish, depending on your financial goals and market conditions. At Bit2Me, you can do it easily and with minimal fees, ensuring you maximize your profits. Simply log in to your account, select the amount of Bitcoin you want to sell, and follow the steps indicated to complete the transaction quickly and securely. You can also spend your Bitcoin through Bit2Me Card in over 100 million merchants worldwide and receive cashback on your purchases.

At Bit2Me, we offer Bit2Me Tax, a tool that helps you manage the taxation of your cryptocurrency transactions. With the report generated by this tool, you can fill in the relevant fields for cryptocurrencies, making it easier to manage and submit your tax information.

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