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About us

Trust, closeness and transparency

Bit2Me is the leading Spanish company in buying/selling of cryptocurencies. We offer service all over the world. Through Bit2Me, anyone in the world can buy and sell cryptocurencies simply, safely and quickly using different methods of payment/receiving money.

Bit2Me is the trademark of BitcoinForMe S.L., legally registered with CIF B54835301. Our headquarters are in C/Germán Bernacer, 65, 03203, Elche, Alicante, Spain.

Our transparency, good service and customer service has always been our best marketing.

In Bit2Me we understand very well the need for you to have a service that you know will not leave you lying down and will give you support, that it will not take weeks to answer your questions, that gives you a way to contact directly and even a phone number, that does not ask you to send bank transfers to unknown banks (and lost somewhere in the world), have a team with familiar faces behind it and is no more anonymous than Satoshi Nakamoto himself, that you speak same language...

That's why we stand out against the rest. We work daily to be your supplier of any cryptocurency.


20 personas y creciendo. Conoce a algunas de ellas.

Leif Ferreira


Andrei Manuel


Fernando Ramos


Fran Bello


Pablo Casadio


Salvia Santos

Graphic Designer

Guillermo Siles

Frontend Developer

Iván García

Backend Developer

"When someone is not proud of his work, he does not show his face"

What do we do?

We love cryptocurrencies, that's why we have inverted effort to create some of the most simple processes to access this technology. We are doing this from 2014 being, possibly, the first cryptocurrency company in Spain. To achieve this, we have had to innovate as any service has done before.

Bit2Me offers two functionalities:

On the other side, you can buy cryptocurrencies from your couch with Bit2Me. Using our website or smartphone app you can pay for your cryptocurrencies using your bank. With just several clicks. 150 banks in 6 european countries accept this method: Spain, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Netherlands and Italy. Buy cryptocurrencies now.

On one side allows that, using traditional ATMs, cryptocurrencies owners can convert their cryptocurrencies into Euro in a matter of seconds without the need of being customer of any bank nor having a card and without paying anything in the ATM. All the user will need is to provide two codes (to receive in the moment) and the Euro notes will be ready in more than 10.000 available points across Spain. Our network includes all the ATMs from: Bankinter, Evo Bank, Banco Popular, Cajamar, Abanca, Caja Laboral and ING Direct. You can use our web or smartphone app to sell your cryptocurrencies and pick your Euro in your closest ATM. This means that Bit2Me has created the largest network in the world where to sell your cryptocurrencies. Change your cryptocurrencies for euro now.

Bit2me makes easy to buy and sell cryptocurrencies, it connects an already existing infrastructures so anyone can access this wonderful technology in a matter of seconds without complex processes.

We're working to add new services and extend the current services to other countries so keep an eye to our social networks.

If you have more doubts, we recommend you to check our FAQ


Cryptocurencies and its technology within, walk straight towards a deep change in what money and other financial services are and what they mean nowadays.

In Bit2Me we want to be part of this change amd our mission consist of developing tech solutions to help democratizing cryptocurrencies' usage. This is our first step to achieve so.

We firmly believe that cryptocurencies are the most relevant event happened on the Internet since its creation.

It might change its name and shape, but what is true is that Blockchain technology represents a wide variety of new chances with a unlimited number of events to come that will contribute to make this a more free, transparent and probably fair world.

Change cryptocurencies for cash

Evo Bank Caja Laboral Abanca ING Direct Banco Popular >Cajamar Bankinter

Sharing experiences

In a universe of constant lack of informations and services that no one knows who are their creators, we strive to provide security and transparency to create unbreakable bonds of trust. That is why we dedicate part of our time to making known what we do and our team.

If you want to know what they say about us in the international media, Press Mentions

Buying and selling bitcoins has never been easier

With the security and speed that Bit2Me offers


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