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  • Registered with the Bank of Spain and insured for €150 million.
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  • With an accounting and tax solution.
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Operations with cryptoassets

Buying and selling

With our tools you will be able to trade Bitcoin, Ethereum and 200 other cryptocurrencies.



Cryptocurrency credit service with the security of an exchange registered in Europe.

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Payment gateway with cryptocurrencies

We offer businesses the ability to accept secure cryptocurrency payments.

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360º solution in blockchain

Consulting services for every stage of your business

State-of-the-art technological solutions

We know that technology and digital trends are transforming your environment. With our solutions we will discover your real business value and help you drive it through financial innovation.

Complete business strategy

We help you create a customized action strategy, taking into account your position in the industry and the particularities of your business, to gain a competitive advantage.

Business development

By applying open technologies, we develop customized solutions, designed specifically for your needs. We can create a perfect solution that easily adapts to the future.

Training for companies

Train your employees in new technologies and advance your company in the Web3 and blockchain environment. We provide customized training plans in the specific areas you need. Contact us for more information.

Banking solutions

We help your financial institution to navigate the new possibilities of Web3

We offer a wide range of services, from employee training to financial consulting, and a line of technology development with our API solutions.

Web Innovation3

Web3 innovation solutions for public institutions and companies

Real Estate

Tokenize your real estate project, raise capital more efficiently and offer your investors more transparency and liquidity.


Tell us about your ideal project, we will analyze it and, together, we will find the best way to make it possible and take it to the top.

Physical and digital Assets

Thanks to tokenization, we can bring any real-world asset (whether digital or physical) to the blockchain and guarantee its security and authenticity.

Consumer and entertainment

have you thought about taking your business to the metaverse? Do you have a great idea for a DApp? Would you like to launch your own collection of NFTs or launch your own token?
We help you find new business opportunities on the Web3.


Reach new markets, reduce costs and open a window into the world of cryptocurrencies with our crypto payment platform Bit2Me Commerce.

Tell us your idea

Do you have an idea for a service or tool based on blockchain? We listen to you and we will put at your service our professionals who will guide you and accompany you to develop your idea and make it a reality.

Success stories

Our experience with different companies speaks for itself

A multidisciplinary team at your disposal

A decade developing blockchain technology
Company incorporated in Spain and in accordance with European regulations
With multi-layer security systems and personalized support service
Bit2Me Business

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