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How to buy Tron

By card, transfer, cash or Bit2Me balance

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Bit2Me is a platform that allows you to buy TRON (TRX) very quickly and easily. Our platform allows you not only to buy and sell but also to send TRX wherever you want, all thanks to our powerful wallet, Bit2Me Wallet. All you have to do is create a Bit2Me account, choose the payment method for your purchase and specify the amount of coins to buy. With these simple steps you will get your TRX into the wallet and you will be ready to use them. Once you have purchased your coins you will have the ability to:

  • Perform TRX trading or HODL.
  • Make payments using TRON's infrastructure, which is one of the fastest in the crypto world.
  • Enjoy the dApps that are deployed on the TRON network.
  • Perform TRX exchanges for the different tokens that support TRON.
  • Apply for crypto credits backed by your TRX within TRON's DeFi ecosystem.

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How to buy Tron instantly, at the best price, from 1€Convenient and easy

Find the way you like best. In Bit2Me we offer you a multitude of options to buy Bitcoin in a safe, fast and easy way.

  • Purchase Tron by bank transfer

    Deposit funds from your bank and buy whenever you want.

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  • Purchase Tron with credit card

    Credit, debit or prepaid card. Deposit funds or purchase directly.

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  • Buy Tron with Bit2Me Wallet

    Use your deposited or sales euros and buy whenever you want.

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How to buy Tron

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