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Investing in the future

We are looking for entrepreneurs with blockchain projects and startups to accompany them in their next big step.

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Leif Ferreira CEO Bit2Me

A common mission

Be transgressive

Bit2Me Capital is an investment initiative, created by lovers and precursors of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. Bit2Me Capital is not an investment fund or venture capital fund that targets investors or third parties, nor is it registered with the CNMV.

At this very moment, the companies that will make human beings take a new evolutionary leap are being formed. We want to support and accelerate entrepreneurs with projects that work to make this planet a better place, so we allocate part of our profits to this goal.

We build and support bitcoin and blockchain companies by leveraging our knowledge, network and access to capital.

We are not a traditional VC investor. We are a strategic investor and back the largest portfolio of early stage investments in the crypto and blockchain ecosystem. Our goal is to support the best teams by providing capital throughout the lifecycle of startups, connecting them to our network and using our know-how to help companies grow and scale.

Our investment channels

Where we invest


Bit2Me Capital invests in companies that develop new cryptocurrencies and tokens, algorithms, smart contracts, mining, liquidity pools, DAOs, DeFi protocols, NFT protocols,... The fundamental elements of the crypto revolution.



Bit2Me Capital also invests in blockchain and fintech companies and startups, either because they are closely related to cryptocurrencies or because they offer technological infrastructures potentially adaptable to the blockchain ecosystem.

This is how we boost your project

Our bet is you

Tell us your proposal

Show us what you can do. We don't invest in ideas, we want action and to see that you are able to execute the idea.


We analyze your application

We empower the best talent. We partner with pioneering entrepreneurs to launch game-changing products and businesses.


We create synergy

We do not only commit ourselves financially, we provide your project with everything you need: contacts, agreements, technology,... Our resources are your resources.

We are founders and engineers who know what it's like to start and grow a new company. We believe our role as investors is to help startups find their way, but ultimately, founders must make the key decisions.

We are not bankers, nor traditional investors.

Bit2Me was born without contacts, investors or support from the traditional system. We know firsthand the complicated context of those who try to start a business in this sector and that's why we want to do things differently.

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Strengthening the ecosystem

We collaborate


At Bit2Me Capital we frequently collaborate with accelerators. We provide technical know-how for the correct analysis of the startup's viability, as well as training to entrepreneurs. We participate in demo days to invest.



At Bit2Me Capital we like to co-invest with institutional investors and investment funds. Funds can leverage on our expertise. We are experts in blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, and we join forces together with the goal of boosting the success of startups.

How can we help you?

Our resources are yours
  • Know-how

    We are backed by a long history in the industry with extensive experience in cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

  • Financing

    We invest and co-invest through pre-seed, seed and series A rounds. We can also accompany in future rounds.

  • Networking

    After nearly 10 years in the industry running a global business we have cultivated a large network of contacts to accelerate companies.

  • Team

    We have a professional team of development, marketing, business, legal... specialized in technology, ready to help and advise.

  • Customer Network

    Bit2Me consists of a community of more than 1.7 million people who use the different services of the Suite. A potential audience at your fingertips.

  • Partnership and strategic agreements

    We connect different professionals with the objective of building relationships that accelerate the execution of your plans to the maximum.

We make you company

Multidisciplinary team
  • Leif Ferreira

    Managing Partner
    Technological Advisor

  • Andrei Manuel

    Managing Partner
    Operational Advisor

  • Pablo Casadio

    Global Financial Officer
    Financial Advisor

  • Rodolfo Carpintier

    Venture Partner
    Company Advisor

  • Koh Onozawa

    Venture Partner
    Investor Relationships

Shall we get started?

Tell us about your project. We listen to you.

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