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Delegate to our nodes without losing custody of your cryptocurrencies at any time. Use the nodes from your wallet. From Bit2Me we collaborate in the decentralization of blockchains.

Fees at a minimum

We offer the best nodes and service while minimizing fees, all without affecting the security of the infrastructure. We are constantly adding new networks and protocols.

Protected against slashing

Bit2Me nodes are protected against slashing, securing funds against any possible incident, minimizing the risk of downtime and double signing.

Bit2Me Infrastructure

We have ISO27001 certification, enterprise-level security and a 99% uptime guarantee. No software patches, no protocol upgrades, no guard duty. We manage the infrastructure for you.

Customer service in 10 languages

Personalized and specialized support services 24 hours a day in 10 different languages, with direct contact by phone, chat and email. Text and video tutorials are also available.

A great community

We have one of the largest Spanish communities in the crypto world. We are constantly developing products and services with a team of +200 professionals.

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Bit2Me Nodes
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We offer a personalized service for companies, large investors, institutions and investment funds aimed at those seeking to diversify their strategies to achieve rewards without giving up custody.

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A validator node is responsible for recording and verifying transactions on a blockchain, generating a block that is added to the chain. These nodes work without interruption and are indispensable for the accurate functioning of a blockchain.

By participating in the consensus of a protocol by delegating to a validator node you are helping to make the blockchain more secure and you receive rewards for your help. If you plan to hold cryptocurrencies for a while, delegating to a validator node will allow you to reap rewards while contributing to the sustainability of the blockchain and the environment by not being power intensive.

Each blockchain may require a minimum amount to participate in a node. You will find all the information on the page of each node.

In Bit2Me Earn you can stake more than 20 cryptocurrencies in a simple, intuitive and flexible way as well as enjoy the other services of the suite, such as Launchpad or Wallet.

At Bit2Me Nodes you can stake by participating directly in the blockchain by delegating to our nodes from your own wallet, such as Metamask.

In other words, while in Bit2Me Earn it is Bit2Me who keeps custody of your cryptocurrencies safely, in Bit2Me Nodes you can generate rewards without losing custody of your cryptocurrencies at any time, although it requires a higher level of technical knowledge.

Delegating is the procedure by which a cryptocurrency holder delegates the ability to represent or vote within a blockchain (which will depend on each network), according to the tokens he owns and blocks, without custody assignment. This action allows any user to participate in the Proof of Stake network and obtain rewards in proportion to the amount of tokens he owns, without having to run his own node or stake pool.

The PoS concept states that a person can validate block transactions according to the amount of tokens that the person owns. This means that the more tokens a node has, the more mining power it has. There are different variants of PoS depending on the network, such as leasing, delegation or nominal PoS.

You can stop delegating (unbonding or unstaking) at any time. However, you have to keep in mind that the unbonding/unstaking or tokens unlock times after the end of the lockout period that may exist after starting the delegation withdrawal process depend on the blockchain to which you have delegated.

Yes, you are only delegating your proxy or voting power within a blockchain to a validating node. Your tokens will always be yours.

On a technical level, when you delegate your tokens you do not lose full control of these cryptocurrencies. If you want to spend or move them you can withdraw them automatically because the tokens remains yours, but some blockchains may require temporary blocks or minimum stake amounts.

The risks of delegating to a node depend on the blockchain. The most common penalty in these cases is usually slashing, which is simply a reduction in the rewards offered for validating a block. Bit2Me Nodes has slashing protection, so the risks of double signing and downtime are minimal.

In addition, when using wallets and non-Bit2Me smart contracts there is an inherent risk of defect in the code or blockchain.

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