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Benefits prepared for you
Selected projects

Selected projects

We thoroughly analyze each of the projects we receive and select only the best for our users.

Advantages for B2M Holders

Advantages for B2M Holders

If you are a Bit2Me Token Holder, you will have priority access to token reservations before the sale date.

Participating has never been so fast

Participating has never been so fast

A simple process that you can do from your mobile in less than a minute.

Bit2Me Launchpad Projects

Exclusive Selection


444,071.22 (EUR)

  • LMWR phase 10.18EUR
  • LMWR phase 20.27EUR
Games For A Living
Games For A LivingGFAL


190,000.00 (EUR)

  • GFAL phase 10.0038EUR
DUX Token


488,836.38 (EUR)

  • DUX phase 10.23EUR
B3X Token
B3X TokenB3X


5,744,825.89 (EUR)

  • B3X phase 10.015EUR
  • B3X phase 20.020EUR
B2M Token
B2M TokenB2M


17,500,000.00 (EUR)

  • B2M phase 10.010EUR
  • B2M phase 20.015EUR
  • B2M phase 30.020EUR

How does the service work?

Bit2Me Launchpad
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    Access Bit2Me Launchpad

    You will need to be registered with Bit2Me and have your account verified.

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    Find the project that interests you the most

    Learn about all the details of our projects: tokens issued, goal, prices...

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    Participate in the launch

    Reserve tokens before the public sale opens or buy them once it has opened.