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Market data for Eos

Price 0,72€

Price change (24H) -7,49%

Price change (7D) 7,57%

Market capitalization 813.051.018€

Volume (24H) 167.740.148€

About Eos

EOS is a blockchain platform designed to deploy powerful and fast decentralized applications (DApps) thanks to the use of a network backed by a DPoS algorithm that offers great speed and scalability, and whose resources are paid used by the native EOS cryptocurrency.

Frequently Asked Questions

Bit2Me is a perfect platform to buy EOS tokens quickly and easily. All you have to do is create an account with us, choose the payment method for your purchase and tell us the amount of tokens to buy. With these simple steps you will get your EOS tokens inside the wallet and you will be ready to use them. Once you have purchased the tokens you will have the ability to:

  • Perform trading or HODL of the EOS token
  • Participate in the different DApps and services that make life in the EOS network.
  • Staking, lending, buying and selling of EOS resources within the network.
  • Participate in the DeFi ecosystem and liquidity pools within EOS and other supported networks.

Learn all about Eos

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