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Market data for Kin

Price 0,00002€

Price change (24H) -4,37%

Price change (7D) 60,55%

Market capitalization 56.524.207€

Diluted market cap 56.524.207€

Volume (24H) 2.291.768€

Maximun bid 2.935.737.053.547€ KIN

Total supply 2.935.736.099.646€ KIN

About Kin

Kin (KIN) is the native token of the Kik messaging platform. It is an Ethereum ERC-20 token, which is used to enable users to purchase digital goods and services that allow developers to make a profit.

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What is kin?
Meet KIN a blockchain and cryptocurrency focused on rewarding users and their interactivity with Web3 and Web2 applications.
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