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Staking in Celo (CELO): how does it work?

At Bit2Me Earn you can earn rewards of up to 20% and benefit from daily or weekly compound interest simply by storing them.

This service is completely free and offers complete freedom to withdraw or add cryptocurrencies at any time. In addition, there is no minimum or maximum amount for staking.

What is staking in Celo (CELO)?

Staking of Celo means participating in the verification mechanism used by the PoS consensus protocol or Proof of Stake, an alternative method to obtain cryptocurrencies. Thus, users who invest Celo can staking CELO to validate transactions and keep the network decentralized, for which they are rewarded CELO. Thus, staking of Celo can be an interesting way to get benefits and rewards.

Holders of CELO can get rewards by delegating tokens to a staking pool managed by other users or by executing their own. The consensus mechanism used by Celo is the Ouroboros protocol, consisting of delegators and Stake Pool Operators (SPO).

This protocol chooses which validator should add the next block in the blockchain depending on the amount of staking delegated to a particular pool. The one chosen to validate the block will receive an incentive in CELO. The more amount of Celo used to staking in a pool, the more likely to be chosen to receive the reward and validate the block. In this way, the incentives received will be shared with the users who delegated their staking in that pool.

Advantages at Proof of Stake

Proof of Stake as a consensus method presents advantages in terms of scalability and transaction speed, making the networks much more scalable and faster. Likewise, it allows to generate rewards for helping to strengthen the security of these networks, which contributes to the creation of much more secure blockchain networks, and it is also a less polluting alternative for the environment than Proof of Work.

How to do staking with Bit2Me Earn's Wallet

It is possible to get rewards for staking of Celo (CELO) securely on Bit2Me Earn. To do this, we must buy or deposit cryptocurrencies in our Bit2Me wallet.

From here, to do staking with our cryptocurrencies we have to transfer the amount of cryptocurrencies we want to Bit2Me Earn. We can do it directly from Bit2Me's wallet, without costs and instantly. With these simple steps we will get daily or weekly rewards in Bit2Me Earn, and always without fees.

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Benefits of staking with Celo (CELO)

Staking with Celo (CELO) is a great alternative to earning rewards. At Bit2Me Earn you can put your money to work for rewards simply by holding your Celo (CELO) in Bit2Me Earn's wallet. Celo (CELO) offers an APY of 7,30%, one of the most interesting currently available in the crypto market.

Frequently Asked Questions

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The more CELO we have in staking, the more coins we receive as rewards. Depending on the staking pool we choose and how we staking from Celo (CELO), we can receive rewards of up to 7,30% APY

In general, staking with cryptocurrencies is an easier way to make profits compared to other alternatives, such as high-frequency trading. However, there are some risks to assess, for example, taking into account the volatility of cryptocurrencies, because even if new cryptocurrencies are obtained, they can change their value over time. If the funds are blocked, the nodes and validators may suffer errors or hacks that may result in losses for users, among other risks.

In addition, performing staking in defi can be very complex for some users, so Bit2Me Earn offers a user-friendly service that reduces exposure to these associated risks by employing its security plan. This plan includes security measures for the user, for the internal infrastructure and for the external infrastructure including cybersecurity policies, an onboarding and KYC process with suppliers as well as a risk management framework.

There is no minimum amount for staking in Celo (CELO). Moreover, if you decide to staking at Bit2Me Earn you will be able to withdraw or add cryptocurrencies at any time and completely free of charge.