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Bit2Me Token

Connecting and powering the products, services, and community of Bit2Me

1 $B2M = 0,0079€

Number of Token holders by origin

  • ETH: 1.089

  • MATIC: 10.735

  • Bit2Me: 63.394

  • BSC: 14.423

What is Bit2Me Token ($B2M)?

For $B2M Holders

$B2M is the utility token of the Bit2Me crypto platform, launched in September 2021 through the largest ICO held in Spain; raising €20M in a few minutes.

Since its launch, the $B2M token has been adopting more and better utilities both inside and outside the Bit2Me platform, giving its holders exclusive advantages and benefits for holding or using it.

As of today, more than 95% of the initial offering of 5,000 $B2M is in circulation; and the total circulation has decreased to 4.950M due to the burning of 50M $B2M from its reserve by the company. For more information on the tokenomics of $B2M, consult the project whitepaper.

  • Access to exclusive conditions across the platform
  • Exclusive and/or early access to services, products, and communications
  • +€20,000 in prizes through exclusive promotions for $B2M holders
  • Participate in the governance of Bit2Me's future
  • $B2M utilities beyond the Bit2Me platform
  • Distribution systems of $B2M to our community

Access to exclusive conditions across the platform

For $B2M Holders

Benefits of Space Center

  • Up to a 100% bonus on buy/sell/swap fees
  • Get a 7% cashback on our Bit2Me Cards product
  • Earn an additional +50% APY on the Earn service
  • Have a 100% probability of access to new Launchpad projects

Go to Space Center

Special rates on our products and services

  • Get the Bit2Me Card physical card for free
  • Enjoy a discount on the purchase of the Web3MBA Master

Priority access to the launch of new projects on Launchpad

  • The more $B2M you hold, the higher your position to access the new launches of our new token launch service
  • 4 projects to date (BNEXT, DUX, GFAL, LIMEWIRE)

Exclusive and/or early access to services, products, and communications

For $B2M Holders

Exclusively uses new products and services from Bit2Me

  • Exclusive access to Bit2Me's DeFi Wallet MVP only for $B2M holders
  • Possibility to use your $B2M to purchase special courses at the Bit2Me Academy (Coming soon)
  • And many more over the coming months!

Enjoy early and priority access to new products and services

  • Access months in advance to Earn, Card, and Loan products before their official launch
  • $B2M holders were able to get trained before anyone else, acquiring the Web3MBA course weeks before its official launch

Exclusive communications and events for $B2M holders

  • Bit2Me conducts online live streams and calls with small groups on a regular basis and exclusively for $B2M holders
  • $B2M holders receive monthly reports on the $B2M token and its market, as well as weekly newsletters on all the news impacting the $B2M token

Over €20,000 in prizes through exclusive promotions for $B2M holders

Bit2Me periodically and exclusively launches promotions that can only be accessed by $B2M holders. Here you can see some of the many campaigns carried out in recent years

We celebrated Bit2Me's 9th birthday by distributing €5,000 in Bitcoin and levels in Space Center...
During the next week, the 20 users who accumulate the highest volume of purchases will be able to choose from one of the 3 prizes we have available. See more.
Bit2Me Blog
The second anniversary of $B2M holds many surprises
As you already know, at Bit2Me we are celebrating the second anniversary of the utility token $B2M and we have prepared a few weeks of promotions and surprises. See more.
Bit2Me Blog
5 Day fidelity for $B2M holders: Participate in the distribution of 5,000 $ (approx) in $TON with Bit2Me!...
During the next week, the 20 users who accumulate the highest volume of purchases will be able to choose between one of the 3 prizes we have available. See more.
Bit2Me Blog

Participate in the governance of the future of Bit2Me

For $B2M Holders

Exclusive surveys and interviews with holders
Webinars with holders and the Bit2Me team about product debates
Soon $B2M holders will have more voting power in our feedback channel

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Utilities and impact of $B2M beyond the Bit2Me platform

For $B2M Holders

Since its launch, Bit2Me has been developing utilities for its $B2M token within its ecosystem of solutions, but it has also achieved and is continuously working on extending the utility of $B2M beyond the Bit2Me platform…

Through collaborations with other crypto or traditional entities

  • Our partner Polycashback allows its users to receive cashback from their online purchases in $B2M
  • We will soon close more utilities through collaborations

Through our own products and services

  • We are working on allowing the use of $B2M as a payment currency for all those companies that have the Bit2Me Commerce crypto payment gateway activated
  • We will soon close more external utilities through our products and services

$B2M distribution systems to our community


  • $B2M distributed in 2021 & 2022 (+150M $B2M)
  • $B2M distributed in 2023 (+200M $B2M)
  • $B2M expected to be distributed in 2024 (+£300M £B2M)

    $B2M that we expect to distribute in 2024 in the form of a liquidity pool for holding £B2M both flexibly and locked; as well as for other £B2M utilities on the platform.

Trade with $B2M on different platforms

All information about $B2M at: Coingecko

$B2M Token Smartcontract

Smart Contract

A Smart contract or intelligent contract aims to automatically execute, control, or document legally binding actions according to the terms of a contract, reducing costs, intermediaries, errors, and fraud.

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Discover the new features of $B2M


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