Kusama Price (KSM)
24,90€ 1,51 %

About Kusama

Kusama is the testnet of the Polkadot blockchain, which is used to experiment with new protocols and applications before they are implemented on the main network. The Kusama blockchain ecosystem provides developers with a high-speed, interoperable, experimental authoring environment where they can build Substrate-based applications.

Frequently Asked Questions

We help you

Bit2Me allows you to buy Kusama (KSM) very quickly and easily. Our platform allows you not only to buy and sell, but also to send KSM wherever you want. All this thanks to our powerful wallet, Bit2Me Wallet. All you have to do is create a Bit2Me account, choose the payment method for your purchase and tell us the amount of coins to buy.

With these simple steps you will get your KSMs inside the wallet and you will be ready to use them. Once you have acquired your coins you will have the ability to:

  • Perform KSM trading or HODL.
  • Use your KSM to make payments in physical or online stores that accept the cryptocurrency.
  • You can also use your KSMs to deploy or interact with dApps that are deployed on the Kusama blockchain.
  • Use KSM or its tokenized forms on DeFi or CeFi platforms to receive rewards for lending, staking or liquidity.
  • Participate in crowdloans for parachains that are part of the Kusama protocol.