Mask Network Price (MASK)
2,50€ -9,67 %

Charts provided by TradingView, the charting platform and social network that provides users with valuable information about market events through tools such as the economic calendar, stock analyzer and others.

About Mask Network

Mask Network is a decentralized, open source protocol that is focused on privacy in social networks. This protocol is designed to function as a bridge that connects traditional social platforms with the privacy and benefits of the Web3. Through Mask Network, users can send encrypted messages using social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, allowing them to hide their content to show only to a targeted audience or authorized individuals.

In addition to encrypting posts users make on social networks, Mask Network is also an ecosystem that allows for using payment DApps, accessing DAOs, verifying NFTs, launching new decentralized assets and more.

Its MASK token is the governance token for the protocol, run by MaskDAO. Through MASK, users can vote on the future of the project, approve requests, decide on donations or grants, among others.