Mina Price (MINA)
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About Mina

Mina (MINA) is a 'succinct blockchain' or reduced to its minimum expression, in order to reduce computational requirements in order to run dApps more efficiently. Mina is not only a lightweight network, but it is also fast and secure, using a hybrid model between Bitcoin (UTXO) and Ethereum (Account model), along with a ZKP cryptocurrency system, which we can access using the native MINA cryptocurrency.

Frequently Asked Questions

We help you

You can buy Mina (MINA) on our Bit2Me platform and to do so all you have to do is create an account with us, choose the payment method to use and tell us the amount of tokens to buy, we take care of the rest.

Thus, once you have acquired your MINA you will have the ability to:

  • Participate in the consensus of the MINA network by creating new nodes for the network.
  • Use the MINA token as a way to transfer value and access MINA network resources.