B3X Token

IEO Phases
Phase 1
Price 0.015 €
-25% Phase 2

Start: 01/03/2022

Close: 07/03/2022

Phase 2
Price 0.02 €

Start: 31/03/2022

Close: 31/03/2022


B3X is the first token of Bnext neobank and is born with the aim of supporting the expansion and growth of the company to achieve the goal of becoming a leader in Spanish-speaking countries in the fintech sector.

The B3X token has been meticulously designed to give real utility to its holders and favor Bnext's expanding customer base around the world, giving advantages to its owners in functionalities such as its rewards program, preferential access to new products, international transfers with discounts of up to 90% on the margin obtained or participation in voting on future functionalities of the platform.

In the public ICO sale, the company's tokens will be worth between €0.015-0.02 and 25% of the total B3X Token supply of 3.5 billion tokens will be offered through Bit2Me Launchpad. In early November, Bnext already offered 10% of B3X to private investors, raising €5 million. In 2019, it closed the largest Series A of a fintech in Spain raising €22.5 million and reached more than 300,000 active accounts. It also added €3 million in a crowdfunding campaign for its customer community and which broke the record of raising €1M in 1 hour.

Name: bnext
Foundation: Feb. 2017
Market: International
Sector: Fintech
Location: Madrid and Barcelona

Advantages of the token


Participation in the voting of future functionalities of the platform, thus helping in the generation of value for all Bnext customers.

Preferential access

As new products are launched, the first users to gain access will be those who have B3X on their account.

Digital assets

Availability of a discount on both the purchase and sale of other digital assets in the Bnext wallet.

International transfers

Discounts of up to 90% on the margin obtained by Bnext in the blockchain-based international transfer system.

Supply, distribution and management of tokens

Token data


  • Reservation: 10%
  • Treasury stock: 10%
  • Advisors: 10%
  • Private Offer: 15%
  • Public Offer: 25%
  • I&D: 20%
  • Team: 10%

Token information

  • Name: B3X Token
  • Symbol: B3X
  • Blockchain: Ethereum (ERC20)
  • Max. supplies: 3,500 M
B3X Token

bnext token vesting

  • Reservation
  • Treasury stock
  • Advisors
  • Private Offer
  • Public Offer
  • I&D
  • Team

Purchase options

Your choice
  Option 1 (Phase 1) Option 2 (Phase 2)
Assets B3X Token (ETH) B3X Token (ETH)
Token Price 0.015 € 0.020 €
Start date 01 March 2022 31 March 2022
Number of tokens to be issued 504,000,000 15,099,787
Purchase limit
Min 1,000€ - Max 300,000€
Min 500€ - Max 200,000€
Percentage of total issuance 14.40% 0.43%
Vesting 6 months from the end of the lock-up, B3X will be released at a rate of 1/6 per month for 6 months. 6 months from the end of the lock-up, B3X will be released at a rate of 1/6 per month for 6 months.

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