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Market data for Astar

Price 0,07€

Price change (24H) -1,41%

Price change (7D) 4,75%

Market capitalization 375.219.296€

Diluted market cap 577.383.101€

Volume (24H) 12.915.980€

Total supply 8.303.531.633€ ASTR

About Astar

Astar Network is an interoperable and scalable blockchain for Web 3, built with the Substrate framework, so it will be able to operate as a Polkadot parachain. Astar implements smart contracts, making it a scalable, interoperable and decentralized platform.

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What is Shiden Network (SDN)?
Shiden Network (SDN) is a project built on top of the Kusama network with the aim of creating a multi-chain decentralized application layer. To do this, Shiden Network would have the ability to execute smart contracts compliant with EVM (via Solidity) and Web Assembly (WASM), which means enormous potential for advanced dApps.
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