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Market data for Mirror Protocol

Price 0,023€

Price change (24H) 2,39%

Price change (7D) 114,42%

Market capitalization 3.414.158€

Diluted market cap 8.107.395€

Volume (24H) 1.929.070€

Maximun bid 370.575.000€ MIR

Total supply 370.575.000€ MIR

About Mirror Protocol

Mirror Protocol (MIR) is a decentralized synthetics market. Synthetics are financial products that mimic the behavior of other assets, copying their market movements. Mirror Protocol has a decentralized system that allows the creation and trading of synthetic products on blockchain.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can buy Mirror Protocol (MIR) on our Bit2Me platform and to do so all you have to do is create an account with us, choose the payment method to use and tell us the amount of tokens to buy, we take care of the rest.

Thus, once you have acquired your MIR you will have the ability to:

  • Perform value exchange using this token.
  • Participate in liquidity pools within DeFi protocols that accept such token.
  • Create synthetics within the protocol and participate in its liquidity.

Learn all about Mirror Protocol

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What is Mirror Protocol?
Mirror Protocol is a decentralized trading protocol that allows you to create and trade synthetic assets, allowing you to unite the world of traditional assets and blockchain in one place. 
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