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Purchase, sell and store Ordinals and much more easily, quickly and securely. Create your wallet in 30 seconds!

Ordinals Bit2Me Ordinals Wallet

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Manage cryptocurrencies and traditional money from the same place simply. Make instant payments around the world, buy and sell cryptocurrencies, create debit cards, receive transfers to your shared payment account number, and much more. Step into a new universe of possibilities!

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Multi-crypto wallet


The best Ordinals wallet on the market

300 cryptocurrencies supported
Hundreds of wallets

Your money with you around the world. Manage Ordinals and traditional money easily and quickly.

Create as many wallets (with separate balances) as you want, and in the currency you want: your savings for holidays, what's intended for dinners, or your monthly savings in Ordinals...

With Bit2Me, you will have a wallet for your Euro, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple and many more. (Suggest a cryptocurrency on our social networks).

Multi-crypto and Fiat
Operate with your coins

Purchase, sell and store Ordinals without giving up the security, ease, support and speed that only Bit2Me offers you.

Don't miss any opportunity with the best market quotes.

Lite Wallets

Wallets with partial support for crypto operations.

Full wallets

Wallets with full support for your crypto operations: Buy, sell, exchange, store, and much more!

Instant transactions
Send and receive payments

Send and receive money quickly around the world. It doesn't matter if you are in Spain, Mexico, Japan, Kenya or any country in the world: Bit2Me is your new digital bank, and it's always with you.

Moreover, we add an extra layer to the traditional financial system and cryptocurrencies by allowing instant and cost-free payments to anyone in the world, whether in euros or bitcoins: no waiting and free of charge.

  • Cryptocurrency micropayments, from 1 satoshi.
  • Instant payments: In less than 1 second.
Payment account and euro wallet

Get a European payment account for all your local and international operations.

European payment account number in euros

Shared payment account number with SWIFT/BIC code that will allow you to accept payments via bank transfer, as well as make payments around the world easily.

Deposits and withdrawals
Flexible deposits and withdrawals

Bit2Me makes it easy for you. We support multiple ways of adding and withdrawing funds, and we are constantly integrating new methods.

Add funds with: Cryptocurrency, bank transfer, credit/debit/prepaid card, payments from friends or even with cash.

Withdraw funds with: Cryptocurrency, international bank transfer, cash, transfers to friends and Bit2Me Card.

Crypto Mastercard
Crypto Mastercard

Imagine being able to connect your Ordinals wallet directly to a Mastercard, virtual or plastic, that we send directly to your home.

With the Bit2Me Card, you can pay with Ordinals transparently, and at the best current quote, in more than 40 million physical and online shops around the world, and even withdraw cash at millions of ATMs anywhere at any time.


Company Registration
Company Registration

Your money is your future, and that is very important to us. For this reason, we invest significant resources in having the highest levels of security.

User level: We implement Two-Factor Authentication (2FA), instant notifications, detailed session history and detailed transaction history.

Infrastructure level: Secured by Google and Bit2Me engineers, encrypted communications and data, constant monitoring, policy of cold and hot multi-signature wallets with decentralized governance protected in vaults with triple perimeter security.

24-7 Support
24-hour personalized support

We understand how frustrating it is to have a question or issue and not be able to contact anyone. Bit2Me also radically changes this.

Not only are we super transparent about who we are and where we are, but we are always at your disposal.

  • Direct contact by phone, chat, and email.
  • Text and video tutorials.
  • The best cryptocurrency/Blockchain academy in the world, and it's free!
  • Basic and advanced in-person workshops around the world.
  • You can talk to us and follow us on social media.
Designed for youCreate with us

From cryptolovers for you! After years in the sector, we have created the best platform in the world for you. We love what we do and want you to have the best.

Piece of cake for beginners! The crypto revolution has arrived, but getting involved shouldn't be so hard. With Bit2Me, the difficulty is over. Now, welcome to the new financial world.

Be pioneer, be smart, be free

Transform the financial system right from your pocket! With over 100 million euros transacted, Bit2Me Wallet is a multi-crypto wallet of maximum security and ease. Your wallet will be available everywhere, on the go, tailored to you: iOS, Android, and Web. In multiple languages. Bit2Me Wallet is compatible with different cryptocurrencies and other currencies.

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Bitcoin Testnet Wallets


Bit2Me Wallet now also allows you to create wallets for Bitcoin Testnet. Experience the potential of Blockchain technology without the need to buy cryptocurrencies.

Use it for demonstration workshops, or even to build your own applications!

  • Development Screen


  • Book with Bookmark


  • Dropper


A complete wallet Ordinals

The best wallet Ordinals
Multi Currency

Multi Currency

Manage multiple currencies from the same place.

Multi Wallet

Multi Wallet

Create as many wallets as you need, with no limit!

Personal Help

Personal Help

We're by your side to help you by phone, chat, and video.

Buy and Sell

Buy and Sell

Buy and sell cryptocurrencies 24 hours a day.



Exchange between cryptocurrencies directly.

Price chart

Price chart

Monitor the price and its variations in real time.

Deposits and withdrawals

Deposits and withdrawals

Deposit and withdraw funds in all formats.

Crypto Mastercard

Crypto Mastercard

Create real-time connected cryptocards.



Get a shared IBAN account number.

Block explorer

Block explorer

Analyse the status of a transaction or address.



Full support for testnet networks.

Investment Portfolio

Investment Portfolio

Create and monitor the evolution of your investment portfolio.



Send free and instant payments to friends.



Receive real-time notifications via email and web.

Open API

Open API

Free open API for third-party integrations.

High security

High security

Secure payments with 3DS, 2FA, and cold wallets to protect you.